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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GLS, Oct 17, 2002.

  1. GLS

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    I am buying a trimmer rack soon for next year and I would like to know where to mount it on an open trailer.

    I am buying a trimmer trap from northern tool that secures 3 trimmers. Are there any disadvantages to mounting it on the front of the trailer? Most guys I see have them on the side.

    If not on the front, which side of the trailer should I put them on and why?

    And one last question: Can I mount the rack to the outside of my trailer (it's not made of angle, it's square tubing) rather than on the inside?

  2. DLCS

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    I mounted my Trimmer Trap on the left side(passenger side) of the trailer. The reason I did this was that I usually park along the street when I mow at residential accounts. So, when I need a trimmer, I don't have to walk around the truck and into the street. Its more of a safety and convenience thing since alot of my accounts are on busy streets. But, I suppose you could mount it on the front of your trailer. I've seen some guys do that around here. You could mount the rack on the outside of the trailer but I think it would be more difficult since the rack is made out of angle iron.

  3. Ray&Christine

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    I have mine mounted on the passenger side like DLCS for the same reasons he stated. My only concern about mounting it on the front of the trailer would be tripping or banging your shin on the trailer tongue.

  4. walker-talker

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    I recently purchased a new trailer and my layout is something like this. The driverside of trailer is going to hold a frame with expanded metal walls. This will hold a tool box, gas cans and misc. tools. The end of the trailer will hold the trimmer racks. The passenger side of the trialer I am going to mount a drop gate for smaller mower (21" & 32"). This is my winter project, along with others. Before, I have mounted the trimmer racks on the passenger side and like this setup very well.

    Good luck
  5. eslawns

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    I park across the street from where I'm working usually, so I can edge and blow clippings out of the gutter without working around my truck. I mounted my rack on the driver's side of the trailer so I wouldn't have to walk around. I didn't put it on the tongue so I wouldn't bang my shin.
  6. TLS

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    I have my TrimmerTrap mounted on the Drivers side of my trailer.

    Here's why...

    I ALWAYS string trim and power edge FIRST. Always.

    I am a one man show.

    I get out of truck, and walk to the trimmertrap, grab and go.

    No traffic to worry about here.

    Front mounting would interfere with the operation of my front tool box.

    Another PLUS to the Drivers Side mounting....Tree branches from the NARROW FREAKIN ROADS IN SE Penna.!!! They would damage a weed wacker on the passenger side real quick!

    Plus on my passenger side, I have my side gate, sprayer mount, so it wouldn't really work well on that side.
  7. TurfGuyTX

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    I say passenger side. It works best for most situations.
  8. Scag48

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    Passenger side. I always park on the right side of the street so I just grab and go. I just like the fact that the trimmer isn't hanging out into on coming traffic, even though it's not very far. I just worry about stupid things like this. LOL.
  9. You have a delema eh?

    This is what I did.

    Started on the passenger side infront of the fender on the inside of the rails.

    I didn't want it on the front of the trailer because it would be in the way of taking the WB off the front of the trailer. The rack would be in the way if you have to trun the WB sideways.

    second problem with the spot, hard to tie down WB with weedeaters in the rack.

    3rd inside the rail I cannot turn the DC's sideways in the 2nd spot on the trailer or it will hit the rack's angle iron.

    So I took the rack off, cut a space out of the fender between the 2 wheels and welded it on there, out side of the rails. That is the back piece. The front peice is just infront of the fender. Now the rack is completely out of the way.

    Also inside the rails the Peco vac chute would hit it on all the ZTR's.
  10. Hoosier Mower

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    Before someone jumps on your case you might try doing a search for this question, alot of people on here will jump on you about that. I'm not one oh. Now to answer your question. I put mine on the front of the trailer, in my opinion you might want to stay away from putting them on the passanger side because of low hanging trees that hang over the road. Just my honest opinion oh, alot of people do put them on the passanger side and it must work for them but I can see problems to it also.

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