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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 021462, Nov 11, 2002.

  1. 021462

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    I have a 14ft open trailer and I need a trimmer rack and was looking at this one, has anyone had any dealings with these or any other ideas. I feel sure it will mount to my trailer. I would enclose a pic. but I keep getting a message back stating my picture is too big? Anyway your feed back will be greatly appreciated! thanks
  2. The Lawn Choupique

    The Lawn Choupique Banned
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    I make all the equipment racks I need. You can make then for just about no cost out of scrap metals that can be found just about anywhere.
  3. Doogiegh

    Doogiegh LawnSite Senior Member
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    I went with the Trimmer Rack brand of rack system.

    Absoltuly love them so far.. Very well built and a good price.

    Here's my racks...

  4. Green Pastures

    Green Pastures LawnSite Silver Member
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    I use Green Touch products, and love them. They're functional, durable and the vinyl coating is easy on your equipment. Price is in line.
  5. mdb landscaping

    mdb landscaping LawnSite Silver Member
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    i too use the green touch racks and like them a lot. so far so good and the vinyl coating is nice to have.
  6. Doogiegh

    Doogiegh LawnSite Senior Member
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    I would do alot more searching first.

    Try here:

    That's where I got ALL of my trimmer trap stuff from.. That there is Trimmer Traps 3 trimmer holder.. $179.. Spring loaded clamp on the right side keeps everything in place and it's vinly coated for ease on the equipment. VERY STURDY..

    I think the greentouch is $10 more at $189.

    I didn't compare other items, but from the website I gave you, I ordered everything at 1 time.. Handheld tool holder, trimmer rack, handheld blower box, trimmer line spool holder. I think shipping was free.

    I just added a backpack blower rack to the whole setup.

    Very good stuff so far.

  7. GLS

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    How do you like the accessory hand tool rack? I have the trimmer rack ordered (should be here any day) and I thought the hand tool rack would be nice also. Just not sure if it's worth $80 or not.

    I was going to buy the jungle jim rack, but couldn't find it anywhere, so I went with trimmer trap. I decided not to go with greentouch because it mounted to the top rail only, rather than both rails. Seems a lot less sturdy.
  8. Doogiegh

    Doogiegh LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well, if you look carefully at the picture I attached, first off you can tell that the trimmer rack bolts to both the toprail and the lower rail on the trailer. You can see I used some larger size bolts with big washers so I know its on there good. Top rail only for greentrap? Sheesh, I think I could tighten my top rail enough that it would compress or smoosh the metal and if it weakens and the whole thing falls off..

    My luck the trimmer would fall off as I was driving past a parked mercedes, sending the trimmer head thru the windshield or something... God forbid!

    Anyways, the handheld tool works great. You can see I have a broom and rake in there. They never bounce out of the bottom hole or anything.. It's like picking a rifle out of a gun case. <G>

    The top bracket up high is nothing but a piece of metal with a bunch of big 2" diameter holes drilled in it.

    I'm not sure if it's worth the $80 either, BUT I got the whole system because if you did the same, you'll see how it all pieces together very nicely with big bolts.

    Why buy a trimmer rack only to rig up something on your own that is "weak" or looks crappy and then you're not happy with it and wind up buying the trimmertrap afterwards anyway?

    Just my opinion.

    I also love the backpack blower rack, not shown in the picture. Wasn't too sure of it at first, but I've gotten very used to it.

  9. PaulJ

    PaulJ LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Watch out for a "groov e" worn in the handles of rakes etc.. from the top part of that hand tool rack.

    I wrapped some duct tape around that part of the handles.

    Also you might not want to leave big leaf rakes or shovels tht can catch a lot of wind in there if goin g down the road at highway speeds. I've seen rake heads snap right off. I don't kep tools in mine every day. but it's nice to have when I need it. Just have to be carefull.

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