Trimmer racks on 2 ft side trailer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Barkleymut, Jan 1, 2001.

  1. Barkleymut

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    I have seen a million trailers with trailer racks, but very few of them have the 2 foot sides that I have on my trailer. Well this summer I bought a Jungle Jims Gear Caddy. It doesn't have a long enough base for the bottom of the three weedeater holders to even clear the top rail of the trailer. So I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this and how they anchored the bottom of the racks. I have considered using a 4x4 and hollowing out a slot for the bottom of the rack. Any ideas or should I just sell these things?
  2. What is the spacing of the standards on your trailer sides? My last trailer they were farther apart than they are on my present trailer. If you can attach one rack to at least one standard, I'd add a piece of angle iron or tubing so the other rack will be at the correct location to hold you trimmers. The sides on my trailer are only about a foot high but I had no problem attaching my TrimmerTraps racks to it, I just bolted them right on.
  3. Keith

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    I bought one off Ebay in April and it's still in the shop :D My trailer has the angle iron turned at 45degrees on the vertical braces and has very little room on the trailer floor for it to bolt to. The top rail is the only easy part. I really need to just weld it, that would be much easier.
  4. Barkleymut

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    Hey Keith I never even thought about welding it to the base. I bought mine off Ebay too and just am now getting around to doing some of that off-season work. Anyways drilling a hole and bolting it through the top rail and welding the bottom sounds real easy. Now I just have to find a metal shop to do the welding.
  5. Keith

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    I have a Great Aunt that lives in Richmond. I have a lot of other family that lives in Virginia too. My Grandmother and an aunt lives in Halifax county and I have one up in Lynchburg.
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    If you have box tubing on your trailer just have them welded, im not sure what you have maybe its angle. If you weld it get a small piece of angle to secure the bottom and your set. Here is a picture of mine i made i welded everything on here from the side custom gate to the rails to the trimmer racks.
  7. lawnboy11

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    Get them on somehow, they work great, I just finished my first year with it. the water cooler holder welds did fail so be careful with that or reenforce it before putting a full cooler up there (which is very nice to have btw).
  8. jason2

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    My water cooler welds failed also. Other than that I've been happy with mine. I thought about welding mine on. But I want to buy a bigger trailer in the future, so bolting them on was the way to go for me. Just make sure you use lock washers, or better yet, locking nuts. And check them occasionally. Mine have loosened up.

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