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Trimmer Racks


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Really sold on my Trimmer Trap. We have a three place, and after my gate assist, it's been one of my "best buys" as far as accessories are concerned.


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I've seen them all and this is the very best...........

Xtreme series trimmer rack from Green Touch @ trailerracks.com

The Most Advanced Trimmer Rack Ever Designed! The Xtreme Series Rack solves every problem there is with other Trimmer Racks on the Market.

Maximum security and very fast to use
The only rack that truly eliminates rolling
Eliminates fuel spills & engine flooding
Eliminates shaft wear
Eliminates theft
Galvanized Rust Protection (Inside & Out)
Quickly locks all equipment at the same time
No loose components to lose
One Lock Design
Works on all makes & models
Note: All Xtreme Series Trimmer Racks include mounts for Open & Enclosed Trailers, mounting hardware, and a lock.

Offers multiple layers of security and has been recently improved and made even better.
Most others can be foiled with a 2 foot section of 3/4" pipe stock or boltcutters by any dirtbag in a matter of seconds. Is it worth taking that chance? With this one, you can even run a section of cable thru the back for those who come with battery operated recip saws... You really need to check it out.
When I saw the first one I was sold right then and placed my order. I bought my first one at the EXPO show and it was only shown as a prototype. It wasn't even in production yet. I had to wait like four months. I was never sorry for a second! Fantastic customer service from the company and make sure to get extra block sets too.


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I see what you mean about the extream, I was wondering about the trimmers turning around when you are driving, and after reading about all the stolen equipment on here , I want the most protection I can have, till I can afford a enclosed,



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The blocks attach to the shaft assembly and they add no noticable weight. They keep the entire shaft assembly along with the throttle like new, damage free. Take the blocks off when you sell and the shaft along with those decals still look like new!

No cracked or broken engine covers, no worn shafts, no messed up wires or throttle triggers. Most "amigos" or whoever, won't even know how to operate the rack to release the trimmers and that alone prevents all "grab and run" attempts even if you don't lock it. One simple and easy push of the lock with your finger or thumb and it's all locked up and secured. Plus, I think they're very trick and look really Bad Ass.

Additionally, They have been the only trimmer rack that I can save time and fuel my equipment up without having to bend over and set them on the ground. I fuel up and start them in the morning while still in the racks. No issues at all.. I even swapped out the locks to ones I like better.

Plus, they all come with the mount kits for enclosed trailers. So, when you move to a new trailer, no need to buy anything else, just use the mount kit and move the rack. You're done. You can't get any better than that! Go to TrailerRacks.com and check out the video demonstration. You'll see what I'm talking about.
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