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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by liltex, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. liltex

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    which one would you prefer trimmer trap or the jungle caddy? do they both have the same locking spring? hpoing wife will buy for fathers day pictures if anyone has some close ups
  2. MikeLT1Z28

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    i prefer trimmer trap. i've seen the jungle jim's and caddys at dealers around town and just don't like the way they either are built, function or mount. some don't even have locking capabilities. not sure of the point in that except for transporting.

    go to for products and pics.
  3. MikeLT1Z28

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    speaking of trimmer trap. here are some good tips right from their site.

    -A four inch PVC pipe coupler is perfect for securing blower tubes. Simply attach to the trailer rail beside the blower rack.

    - When locking up equipment a multi-strand cable is more secure than a chain because it is more difficult to cut.

    - A grease gun needle adapter or chain saw bar sprocket lubricator is great for greasing line trimmer gear heads with small openings.

    - Very few two cycle engines actually wear out internally. Most are junk long before because of the abuse they receive in-between use.

    - Use our lanyard kit to secure easily lost air filter caps to the housing.

    - Use our lanyard kit to secure mower keys from loss thus preventing costly down time.

    - Use marine grease on wheel bearings during wet seasons to help prevent wash out.

    - Aluminum fuel bottles used for backpacker's stoves are excellent for carrying spare fuel for trimmers to remote areas

    - A portable electric chain saw sharpener or Dremel tool is great for dressing up and sharpening hedge trimmer blades.

    - Provide each crew member with a telephone cord type key chain with the key to locks on your racks. They can hang the key around their necks and reach the locks. At the end of the day place it with their time card.

    - Rev 'em up! Two cycle engines are designed to run at high RPM because of the nature of line trimmers they are often used at low RPM's a majority of the time. Unlike blowers, this can cause carbon to build up resulting in piston rings sticking and other problems.

    - Use Safety Wire or nylon wire ties to secure lynch pins closed on front wheel casters to prevent evergreens and shrubs from opening them. It might prevent an expensive accident

    - A mesh cage or basket might be fine for grass catchers, however it will cause damage to trimmers and blowers. Bouncing and banging around can severely shorten their life.

    - Aerosol hair spray makes a good adhesive for securing rubber hand grips and caps.

    - Use a line trimmer from right to left when possible to reduce the amount of grass on walks and drives.

    - A standard pair of diagonal cutters are perfect for cutting trimmer line. Use our lanyard kit and attatch them close to the line holder

    - The faster and easier a storage rack is to use the greater chance is it will be used. If it takes more than a couple of seconds (considering the number of times trimmers and blowers are loaded and unloaded) or involves a multi-step procedure it probably won't be used.

    - Additives in blended fuels can discolor translucent gas tanks preventing visual fuel monitoring.

    - Don't discard old tire tubes. Use a pair of scissors to cut one inch sections and make durable rubber bands. They have many uses including holding trimmer line on spools.

    - Tie a knot(s) in a stretch cord to shorten it.

    - Install trimmer and blower racks on the curb sidewhen possible. It's safer.
  4. EagleLandscape

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    I just got my jungle jim gear caddy in the mail the other day. But havent had time to mount it yet. The racks are built like tanks, but the springs are really hard, they will take some breaking in to get them softened down. They are really meant for a trailer with 1 foot sides, if you have 4 foot landscaping sides like I do on my trailer it just makes it complicated. I'm having to fabricate some new framing to accomodate the racks on my 4' trailer.

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