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Trimmer Racks?


LawnSite Senior Member
Northwest Ohio
You guys using trimmer racks, are they worth the money? Are they safe for the trimmer. What I mean is have you ever had a trimmer break in half because of the rack? Looking to go to a Jeep and get rid of my truck so I need to find ways to haul the trimmers safely. What brand would you recommend?
Thanks for your input.


LawnSite Silver Member
We keep our trimmers in a mesh box that we welded to the front 2 feet of the trailers. our decks sit underneath w/o any prob's. It was not only cheaper and a better source for security, but we also have storage for spooled line, hedge trimmer, and tool box.

My buddies that have them swear by them.



LawnSite Member
I use trimmer racks, made by Jungle Jim, and like they are very secure, although 2 yrs, ago I did have a stick edger break in half, what happened is that I did not have it properly spaced apart and when going down a very rough it was allowing it to bounce to much, and cost $50 dollars to get new shaft for edger that was only 2mths old ouch! An expensive lesson that prob would not have happened if I had read the mounting instructions. I remounted the racks and have not had a problem since.


LawnSite Gold Member
I have one on my trailer that was designed by a local welding shop. I think the guy did a real good job, the rack holds 4 trimmers/edgers and has a bar that slides down to keep things from jumping out. It also has a place at the top to secure the rod so nothing can be removed. I have never had a trimmer break, fall out, or be stolen. The entire thing is made out of 1x1 square tubing and welded to my trailer. Pictures are available upon request.

Fantasy Lawns

LawnSite Bronze Member
Space Coast
I have a set-up just like Homer on my larger trailer and a commercial set-up "Trimmer Trap" on my other one

The spring loaded lock on this unit is a pain after about 6 months (rust makes the slide sticky) also the lock clamps are to much work job in an job out

2 sets of 4 simple U braces set about 30" apart mounted on 1" tubeing with a swing down bar in the middle to sucure the equip is cheap ... works great .... and if your just going up the street ...no need to secure the bar as the equip won't "jump" out of the U brace which should be about 2" in depth


LawnSite Senior Member
Now that I've picked up a large commercial account, I plan to purchase my first backpack blower (probably the Stihl BR400). For s/m residentials, the handhelds have been just fine but now I'm going to need the added power.

Back to topic, the added piece of equipment coupled with my already expensive, and fairly new, Stihl stick-edger & trimmer, has got me thinking of better ways to protect my investments. I've been looking at the Gear Caddy by Jungle Jim and can order that through my local dealer. The list price on this baby, from Jungle Jim's menu, is a whopping $289.95. They had it on sale for $215.00 until December 31st, but I missed that boat.

My questions are, is the caddy worth $300.00? Their trimmer racks alone are nearly $200. Do they normally sale that high, or are discounts easy to find? Finally, how difficult is assembly? I have a 6.5x12 foot flatbed trailer with round metal guard rails. Will it work for me?



LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
Mine hold 4 trimmers,(two apiece) is expandable to hold more,(probably a new stick edger) and I've got about 15 bucks into mine. My equipment sits in rubberized cushioned U slots, and when strapped in, doesn't vibrate, rattle around, or roll around spilling gas all over out the caps like the others do. My trimmers all stay right side up and secure. I'll get some pics on here when I learn how to do all that stuff.

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