trimmer racks?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawnbgone, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. lawnbgone

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    I'm shopping for a 4 trimmer rack for the side of our trailer(6'x10') and found very few in our price range (under $400). Something I can bolt on.
    Oh, I want to mount it on the right side of the trailer, but; my son wants it on the left.I think it's safer on the right.????
  2. Up North

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    try Preco parts. I bought a trimmer rack that holds three for $69.99 and love it. Came with 3 keyed alike padlocks also.

    Put the rack on the passenger side of the vehicle/trailer, that way when you pull up to an account and are parked in the street the trimmers are right there for you to grab. Here's the link to Preco.

  3. BladesAway

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    Buy the one he wants and mount it on the right side facing the left :p Fair is fair right?
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  5. DLCS

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    Go with the trimmer trap. I've used them for years and nothing compares. They are often imitated but not duplicated. They use 1 lock to lock down all trimmer/stick edgers. You can get them in 3 or 4 place racks. Definately mount on the passenger side of vehicle, much safer that way.
  6. lawnbgone

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    Thank you guys. This should be of help. Hope everyone had a great season,
    We did. Thanks LORD
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