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Trimmer selection help


LawnSite Senior Member
Lisbon Falls ME.
Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum, but from what i've read this is the best one around.
Question to all:
Considering two trimmers Sthil fs85 or the Echo 2601. I would like to know some feedback on both. From initial looks and feel, the echo has my vote. It seems to have better balance for someone my height 6'. But I am pretty brand loyal to Sthil. Just want the one that will feel comfortable after about two hours straight trimming.
Thanx in advance for the imput...

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
We have never used Stihl, but have used Red Max, Echo, but now we use Shindaiwa and have for the past 7 seasons. For a 6 footer, you will need the longest shaft trimmer you can find so you don't have to bend over to reach what your trimming. The Shindaiwa T270 is what we use and has a long shaft. Some guys swear by the Echo's, but we didn't have good luck with them. They may have improved them since. What ever you get, get one with a long straight shaft.


Stafford Va.
I am a 6 fter and the echo is a little to short, so I use Shindaiwa t270 it works great for me but its a littl heavy
with all the power you will need


LawnSite Senior Member
Lisbon Falls ME.
Thanx for the imput. The reason that I did'nt add Redmax or Shindawia to the list is that the dealers around here that handle those lines are jerks and would'nt spit on you if you were on fire!! So then its either Echo or Sthil. Any other Echos or Sthils that would come highly recommended?


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Get a Shindaiwa from Alamia.com. I've got 6 Shindaiwa products and rarely a problem with any of them.


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I'm 6-2 and love my 2601. I have used the Red Max BR2600 and it is much heavier. I demoed the Stihl you mentioned and it seemed flimsy to me. The 2601 is a good workhorse in my opinion.

Because of my height I replaced the stock handle with a long one off of a Green Machine. That makes a big difference and is easier on the back.


Former Moderator

We've used the Stihl fs85 for the past two years now, and we haven't had one problem with it.

It is very reliable. Starts on the first or second pull every time.

We've stuck with Stihl with our blower and hedge trimmers, and have been very lucky.

For us, we are happy with Stihl products.



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Flint, Michigan
Hey Grazer and welcome! We run Echo 2601's and have GREAT performance out of them I use both Echo and Stihl products, and like both. I know the Shindaiwa trimmers we had (for a short time) were a little heavy. I do know that the Echo 2601 still has the highest power to weight ratio of any trimmers on the market.


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Northwest Ohio
Grazer, I use a Husquvarna 322L. If you are going to be trimming for long periods of time you will appreciate that it only weighs in at 8.4lbs. It has a solid steel shaft w/ 22.5 cc engine, plenty of power. I bought mine in April 00 and have used it 5 days a week with no problems. Cost was $279.00+ tax. Check them out!!! Good Luck with which ever one you purchase. Have a great day!! Mowman


LawnSite Member
I give the Echo 2601 a thumbs up. The echos I've used in the past have always had carb problems and took forever to warm up, even in Texas! I don't know what they did to the 2601 to improve on the echo line, but it runs much better than the old Echos. I am very pleased with the power to weight ratio. I liked the way the 2601 felt in my hands much better than other trimmers in its class. It seemed much more balanced.

I'm 6-3 and found the 2601 a hair too short, but found the problem to be the little stream-lined loop handle. I took it off and replaced it with one of the bigger, older-style handles off of an older echo 3100 and that did the trick! No more bending over. It works perfectly.