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Trimmer starting problems fix

Richard Martin

LawnSite Fanatic
Greenville, NC
I finally fixed my Shindaiwa T-230 starting problems. I could put a new plug in it and it would last a week before having problems starting again. It seems that Shindaiwa shrouded the spark plug inside the combustion chamber so that any carbon buildups tend to block the spark from the fuel mixture causing starting problems. The fix is easy and shouldn't cost anything except for a few gaskets if they get torn. The cylinder and head are one piece on this engine so the carb, muffler and magneto need to be removed first. Next pull the cylinder/head from the engine and clean it throughly being very carefull not to scratch the cylinder walls. Make sure you clean all of the ports and the spark plug hole. A battery post brush works very well for this. Then clean the top of the piston. If there are slight deposits on the sides of the piston above the rings don't worry about them. Next simply reassemble the engine. There are pins in the piston ring groove that line up with the gap in the rings. The cylinder will not slide over the rings if you don't line up the ring gap with the pins. The remainder of the engine assembly is the reverse of disassembly. Then hit the "On" switch, pump the primer a few times, close the choke, pull the starter rope and watch it start on the second pull.