Trimmer Tips/Tricks if YOU are ever the trim man

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envy Lawn Service, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Envy Lawn Service

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    It just occurred to me that I have a couple of trimmer operator tips/tricks that I may or may not have ever shared. So I figured I would stick this up just in case I hadn't...

    The first one is... you know how your boots/shoes are very quickly converted to a grass catcher out there? Well, I used to have these flex shin guards that took care of this for me until I wore them out and couldn't find more.

    So I came up with this other solution. I wear black tactical boots (just above the ankle) and I had these thick black dress socks I never wore anymore. So what I did was, I cut the feet out of them... cut them off just below the elastic. What I do is I put on my normal ankle socks, then I pull the black cut-offs up my ankle above them. Then I put on my boots. Then I pull the black cut-offs down over the tops of my boots. The tops of them seal against my legs just above the top of my boots like any sock would. So I can wear shorts and not have grasscatcher boots. KEEPS ALL THE KRAP OUT.

    The next little tip/trick is for other guys like myself who run no guards on their trimmers.... and even for those guys who hate bump heads and run those rapid load heads I hate.

    I have dogs, and I swiped this little goodie from the house... It's mostly plastic and light weight. So it fits in the leg pocket of my cargo shorts and I never know it's there. It works great for those times when you snap 3" of line off one side of the head and need to even it up FAST... or when you have a coil of line in your pocket to respool with because who knows where that extra spool got to... and I guess it would work good for clipping short lengths of line to refill those rapid load jokers.

    It's a lot quicker, faster, easier and safer than fooling around with a knife or some sort of snips. If you have employees who are trimmer operators these might be a good safety idea. They are doggie toenail clippers. Snip Snip...

  2. robbo521

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    like the doggie toenail clippers trick.thanks!
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    And I should also add from the above picture that if you have a RedMax or other trimmer with the CLAM-TYPE MOUNT for the shield/guard that clamps around the shaft.... loosen the screws... rotate the guard to the left, sit it on a flat surface and re-tighten...

    This allows you to run the long line... and puts the shield out of the way for that plus out of the way for trimming... and it also turns it into a shield that is actually FUNCTIONAL!

    I think this can be done with most RedMax units except the 2600 (different mount which I don't like).

    Anyways, this is how it looks and works trimming.


    And this is how it looks and works when string edging.

  4. easycareacres

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    Tip of the day. If one side of cord is longer just tilt side-ways and run on concrete or road at revs to even up, much faster. Slidable gaurds are best we find, as help the debrie flown at one and can see what you are cutting.
    Bonus is you can run longer cord also.
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    And how long does it take you to burn the line even... and what if you are out in the middle of turf???

    It's so easy and fast to just flip it up and snip... don't even have to shut the trimmer off provided you set your idle speed correctly.
  6. mudwisr2

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    Love the nail snipper idea! I have been "burning" excess line off for 5+ years. I dont have to do it that often but when I do it can be a pain. If too much comes out it wont burn off. Thanks
  7. Daddy Joes Lawn Service

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    :clapping: Good Post!!: :dancing:
  8. T Total Lawncare

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    I got a tip for you. Find a old Junked poulan weedeater with the long loop handle on it, take it off and put it on your trimmer. I know the little handles that come on Stihls will kill your back after a while having to lean forward with it. That long loop I got offf of the weedeater is sweet, sweet releif. And you can trim twice as fast standing in a more natural position. Man my productivity with a whacker went through the roof after the swap out.
  9. captken

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    Good thread, I'm with Daddy Joe,

    doggie toe nail clippers, who'd thunk it?

  10. MarcSmith

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    toe nail clippers will work as well, plus the toenail clipper usually has a small file with a tip on it that you can use to field adjust your carb if you need to...

    I usually carried a pair of felco's with me for those wayward branches...

    I have hairy legs (think Sasquatch) I was green from the kneecaps on down.

    My routine was take off boots/socks out side, hose down the legs, and then the wife would let me int he house.

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