Trimmer Trap bb-1 ocdc

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CTservices, Aug 6, 2003.

  1. CTservices

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    But looks interesting. I've been wanting an OCDC for awhile now
  3. CTservices

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    I'm looking for a ocdc to fit a SCAG tiger cub...Seen anything else what would work?

  4. We do 4 U

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    A buddy and I put one on his Tiger Cub. To be honest I, and he, did not like it. I took 2 of us all day to put on, when it was all put together and mounted, it seems flimsy and cheap. On the other hand, he has had it on for about a month and has had no problems. If it was me, I would wait and see if and when Master Chute is coming out with one for Scag's
    Just one man's opinion
  5. TLS

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    While I LOVE TrimmerTrap's other products, I see some problems with the BB-1 Blade Blocker.

    1) Household type door hinge??? And only one in the center?

    2) The control bar sticking out the back to clear the OEM deflector. Looks like its right in the way of trimming on that side. One bad move and it'll get bent for sure.

    Good thinking by allowing it to operate within the OEM deflector, but....Who keeps the OEM deflector down? Makes most mowers 12-18" wider! I realize that they are sticking with the SAFE, insurance co. proof design of working within the OEM deflector, but.....

    There are much better designed OCDC's out there.

    Those that are waiting for one......How can you wait? I couldn't operate my Lazer without it! Once you have one, you will NOT be able to mow comfortably without one.
  6. CTservices

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    I need one right away. I'm going to have a brand new tiger cub or turf tiger soon and see it as a neccesity. Only problem....seems no one makes a ocdc except trimmer trap for this mower. Same opinion here, I have there 3 trimmer rack and blower rack and love it. But I am leary of there ocdc....$150.00 and you still have to engineer it....:dizzy: :sleeping:

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