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    So how theft proof are these trimmer trap weed eater racks. From all the pictures i've seen and research done they appear to have a good design. I park my trailer in a carport on the side of the house as this is the only storage option i have at this time. In the past I have unloaded all handheld equipment at the end of each day and brought them inside. and then each morning reload it all again. With the trimmer trap just being bolted on the trailer couln't someone just unbolt it at night and walk off with the weedeaters and stick edger. Would a custom welded heavy duty rack be a better alternative? Could i have the trimmer trap welded on for more security? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated as i would like to have the trailer loaded and ready to go each morning. The mowers I secure with logging chain and heavy duty pad locks, the hedge clippers and back pack blower are stored in a cage.
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    I imagine all the racks could be welded to make them so they can`t be taken off. aHave you checked out the gridiron system rack. this is really nice, you can add on as you grow and get more equiptment. I am getting this for myself this year.
    I don`t have a web address, but phone # is 1-800-372-1755 for info.
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    They work better as a deterrent when you are in McDonalds or someones backyard trimming. Even if welded, all you would have to do is stick a 2 or 3 foot section of pipe on the peice that secures the trimmer in place and bend it up. A custom welded rack would probably be more secure, but even then all you have to do is loosen the bolt that secures the engine to the trimmer shaft, remove the engine and slide it out. We lock up all of our equipment inside. You may want to look into a storage unit, an enclosed trailer or just continue to take your trimmers/edgers inside.
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    After reading previous posts on trimmer racks i have looked into a few of the most commonly used systems(trimmer trap, novae corp, green touch, etc.). It appears that they would work on the job site as a deterrent but not as an overnight storage solution. Maybe a cage built on each side of trailer might be better, however, this trailer is only a 5 x 8 and i will be out growing it after this coming season making it hard for me to justify the $400 it would cost to have someone fabricate those cages. Any other ideas from a security standpoint?
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    I have a Trimmer Trap rack on my trailer. I feel its pretty theft proof. The racks could be unbolted and stolen. I think that is unlikely though. Most crooks want to get in and out quickly.

    The sad thing is. If someone wants to steal from you bad enough, they will break through anything. All you can do is make it as hard for them as possible. ;)
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    One thing about trimmer traps. On the larger ones (three place and up) they can be locked with just one padlock. I'm not sure if thats good or bad .
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    Its true that most thieves are looking for some quick action. OUr fist trailer had welded "L" brackets and we would bungee trimmers on them. When we went eat, we would put a bike lock through the handles and secure them to the trailer. One day we came out from lunch to find 1 edger just dangling by the bike lock. So it worked. (Of course, if they took time, they could've simply taken the handles off)

    Now we use Trimmer Trap and never had a problem. BTW, I still use a bike lock (throught handles) on my 2 BR400's.
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    In my opinion, you're just as well off to make your own, because even with the manufactured lockable ones, anyone with a phillips screwdriver can have one or all of them out of there in no time. Especially with a little rechargable. The handle comes off in a matter of seconds, and the spoolhead can be taken off in even less time. The whole thing just slides right out, then.
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