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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lloyd at work, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Lloyd at work

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    Hi. I would like opinions on the walkbehind trimmers (the ones with the big back wheels). Here is my situation... I trim ALOT of steep banks and some river bottom areas where I can't get my zeroturn or walkbehind and I was wondering if these trimmers actually improve time over a Handheld trimmer (I have a Sthil FS85 that I'm very proud to say I can manipulate extremely well) but these areas I trim are very large areas and the grass is just a tad to tall for my selfpropelled walking mower (bogs down to much/often at the highest setting)... I just want some opinions on if they actually save time or not (the cost is not the issue here since I have several available to me at low end prices right now).. Thanks for any input you may provide.........Hopefully I get some replies in the next 24 hours because thats when alot of the deals on these are expiring for me....
  2. unkownfl

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    Get a bigger trimmer. Then take the trimmer guard off and let the string out as far as you can without hitting your boots.

    SNAPPER MAN LawnSite Silver Member
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    Get a fs250r and your problems will be solved
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  5. agrostis

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    I used a DR that was a lot like the bearcat above. It did a good job. But it was hard to control. It would scalp things right to the ground fast. It would probably be too heavy for a steep bank.
  6. Lloyd at work

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    ... Thanks for the replies but to put the question better.... Is it faster to use this wheel trimmer or a handheld? The Handheld your standing in 1 spot for a few seconds and doing big swipes (obviously covering more ground then the walkbehind trimmer) unless you just walk with the trimmer and cut what you get and make 1,000s of passes then on the other hand the walkbehind trimmer your constantly walking and evenly cutting with each passby and not nearly working as hard (since you just pushing it)... Your theory on the extended string till it hits your boots is kinda crazy since you would lose a ton of power from the trimmer after a certain point and once you get one bad hit on the ground it will be shaking you and your trimmer crazy for a second, that theory just won't work properly for me... .. So has anyone here tried the walkbehind trimmer and went back to the handheld or on the other hand have they tried the walkbehind trimmer and still use it in certain areas of their properties?... Thanks again....
  7. Huling

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    I owned one and sold it for a big loss. I have a lot of horse farm fencing (miles) and it really didn't speed up my weed eating at all. Hard to push, scalping, line would break and hard as hell to replace line( might have been my model- ) but I can do a lot more work with a hand held. Would never purchase another one.
  8. LawnGuy110

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    This. Take the trimmer guard off. Make the string long as you can without being dangerously close to hitting your feet so you can cut more faster. Problem solved.
  9. Runner

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    There is a compromise point in doing this with any trimmer. The variables are length of string, to engine power, to type of stuff your cutting (density and toughness). You will get to let your string out enough for maximum cutting power (longer string actually has more actual cutting power for most materials). We always carry side cutters or hand pruners in our back pockets to cut the string off when it gets flared at the end. Measure the string to a point on the pruners and turn the head and cut the other string the identical length. Bump the head, and your good to go. If too much is let out, wind it in a notch.
  10. cimkill

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    based on what huling said about taking a loss on it and it not doing a good job i would have to agree with snapper man. I have never owned a wheeled weed wacker, however i do own 3 fs250's. One of my contracts is mantaining the river banks of two twin towns each bank that i cut is about 1.2 miles of riverside and my mowers cant get into alot of it because of steepness of hills. My 3 weed whacker guys go down and wipe everything out easily with the FS250's they are monsters that are very light for the horsepower they give. I have a husqvarna 134R thats as powerful but weighs twice as much almost. So that's just sitting there as a backup incase one of the fs250's go bad over a year and still no prob and we use the heck out of them. Good luck with what ever you choose.

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