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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by MikeA57, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. MikeA57

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    I just bought a new Stihl KM90R motor and got an Autocut 25-2 trimmer head (NOT the C25) for it. Overall, I love the trimmer, but I'm having what I think is more trouble with it than I think I should for a ~$300 trimmer setup. And, before I go any further, let me add the the problem could VERY WELL BE ME, so I'm not trying to bash the machine, unless it really turns out to be the machine.

    The problem I've been having is with the line. It seems that every 5-7 minutes I'm having to stop it and take the head apart to get the string back out of the exit holes. They get stuck between two other layers of string and then cut until they break off. Then you gotta take it apart and pull it back out. After just 20-30 feet, I'm back doing it again. I've tried to be extra careful about how I load the line but nothing seems to help. Is it this trimmer head, is that why they came out with the C25 model? Or, is it me? If it's the head, what's a good replacement model, Stihl or otherwise?


  2. Capemay Eagle

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    I know what you are saying and you are maybe winding to tight. You can get better luck with less line or the way I do it, but I don't know if I can explain this right, but maybe it is the same on the echo trimmer as the Stihl. You put in the two ends of the line on the head and then start reeling the opposite way, then you cut the line in the middle and you now have your two ends! I then let the spool go on both sides and let it unwind on it's own (controlling it) and wind it back in gently and then I put the line on the holding tabs till I feed it through the holes and then lock it in. This works for me and I never get any issues withe the line locking up on the feed. Takes a little time to get it right, but after 40,000 spools, I finally got it down
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  3. dboyd351

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    Why don't you just get a Speed Feed head? Do a search - it's far and away the most popular replacement head.
  4. FLAhaulboy

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    Sounds like your winding the line to tight.
  5. Capemay Eagle

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    I have never seen that before, that is a fantastic trimmer head. I think I will pick one of those up if I see one!

  6. dboyd351

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    You can buy them online. The 375 is the smaller one and holds about 10 feet of .095 line. The 450 holds about twice as much. Buy the universal fit head (with the additional adaptors) if you aren't sure which will fit your trimmer.
    I just bought one online and put it on my Tanaka. It is working great!
  7. Capemay Eagle

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    Thanks for the info! I would prefer the smaller head if it would fit an Echo. Do you know if these come standard on new Shindaiwa's? I have been toying with the idea of getting a new trimmer and my Hustler dealer carries Shindaiwa and Stihl. I could live with a Shindawia trimmer with the speed feed head.
  8. dboyd351

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    I don't know Shindaiwa trimmers very well, but I do know the Speed Feed head is also known as a Shindy Speed Feed, so I'm pretty sure it is standard on all Shindaiwa's. The Oregon brand Speed Feed head is the same thing.
  9. White Gardens

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    Get rid of the Stihl line and use a higher quality line.
  10. avguy

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    I replaced my sthil head with the Speedfeed & never looked back. I bought the 375 for my FS85 as I felt the 450 might be a bit heavy for that trimmer. It's great.....no dismantling anything & it takes about 2 min to reload.

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