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Trimmers, Edgers,Blowers oh my!

GemSon Lawn

LawnSite Member
Girard, Kansas
I have a quick question....I want to update my trimmers ,edgers, blowers but I want to buy all the same Make (Brand) so it will be easier to service and as far as parts runnin' and warranty work. So who makes the best trimmers, edgers, and blowers?

Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
"easier to service and warranty work" That comes down to what dealers you have nearby and what they sell...

I do agree, Tanaka is really nice! I have a tanaka Hedge clipper and it runs perfect all the time. Unfortunately there is NO dealers to buy Tanaka around here so I use other brands usually...

Sthil is widely available and is Probably #1 in the edger and Blower catagory. Most will attest that their trimmers are #1 as well, but personally Iv'e never been too fond of them. Echo is also easy to find and very reliable. Also Redmax and Shindawa, But these two are more limited to their availability...

Honestly I believe that any "name brand" equipment is going to be good stuff. Once you get hands on with a couple brands you will learn what "feels" better to you. That and a good dealer that's close that can do service and repairs is essential.


LawnSite Silver Member
stihl. not cause i sell them either.


LawnSite Gold Member
I think Jason pretty much said it all. All of it is good equipment or they wouldnt be in buisness. A good dealer or bad dealer can really change your opinion on equipment. My preference is stihl for everything but trimmers, I prefer Robin trimmers, they are light and very reliable, but I do have a stihl for very heavy trim/brush work


LawnSite Senior Member
Webster, NY
shindaiwa or redmax. I have a eb630 blower and all I have done in 2 years is change the spark plug and clean the air filter. I just changed the plug the other day and it really didn't need changing. I also have a redmax 8000 blower that is great and a redmax 3000 trimmer. The shindiawa t270's and t272's are also great trimmers.

lawnboy dan

LawnSite Platinum Member
north florida
for edger-sthil-for weed eater -husky-hedge trimmers redmax by a mile! -extended hedge trimmers-sthil by a mile. hand blower any thing but sthil! no one make a line that i would go with all the same brand.