Trimmers for tall or wide hedges?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mark2, Jun 7, 2001.

  1. mark2

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    I need to prune and trim large bushes and wide hedges. I know the standard hand held gas pruners will not work. I think I could use the long "weedeater" type with articulating head from Stihl. What do you us and how.
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    i am buying the hedge clipper attachment for my HT75. will cost me 200 dollars. however i can trim hedges that are about 15 feet tall, if not more from the ground. thing gets real heavy real fast, especially when you got 11 feet swingin around up there. um i would say that if you want to get some larger shrubs pruned, go with a stihl power pruner. i dont think you are gonna need an articulated one, cause i have used those before and they dont seem to have as much power as the fixed position ones, and when you use the fixed one for a bit you get used to it
  3. mark2

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    That makes sense about the straight pruners having more power. I need to prune shrubs that have grown up into the (inside) corner of a house. Can the straight pruner get over and around in tight spots.
  4. greens1

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    I have both straight and articulating head pruners. Maruyama straight and a Power pruner with trimmer attachment, I haven't noticed any lack of power in either one.

    With the power pruner I can reach 20 feet high for arround 45 seconds, before my arms give out. The articulating head is nice when I use a manlift for high hedges, it's much easier to go up 5' above the hedge and trim the tops at a downward angle.

    Anouther nice thing about the power pruner is the 14" chainsaw feature, this is much lighter than the trimmer attachment. With a 12' ladder I can prune to 30' without breaking my arms.

    Jim L

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