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  1. meets1

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    I run RED MAX but there on the last leg. I have had a kawa trimmer that was awesome but we broke the shaft. I run a 20 year Makita trimmer which everyone loves but throttle let go and I cant find a part at all online. I also run maruyma trimmers which are decent.

    In need of new. I am not a husky trimmer fan yet there a cousin to the red 5 minutes away (different guy) I am not a stihle fan at all.

    So I have been looking at ECHO - I have a few guys that would like a curved shaft back in the fleet...they have a 55 inch curve. Nearest dealer is 20 minutes away.

    Red Max - I can order direct ...don't ask but dealer is 15 minutes away. Looking at the BCZ260S straight shaft.

    Maruyma - dealer is 5 minutes away and has a lot on hand.

    Looking for one curve and 2 straights. Suggestions?
  2. Ferris Man

    Ferris Man LawnSite Member
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    Echo has done well for us. I’m with you on sthils. Never had one that did well.
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  3. CGros31

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    All I run are Echo. Can’t go wrong with them in my opinion. I’m not a fan of curved shaft trimmers but different strokes for different folks.
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  4. Ridin' Green

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    I love my BCZ260S. I had one that was a lemon from the jump, so took it back a year later and for $40, got a new one. This one has been flawless and is a great trimmer. It is light and well balanced. Mine has plenty of power for 95% of trimming needs. I run an SF 400 and Echo BD line.
  5. Bumpmaster

    Bumpmaster LawnSite Fanatic
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    Stihl 94, Nuff said. An BTW how you trim under bushes with a curved shaft?
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  6. kemco

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    You want a shaft for your kawi? I've got about 3 or 4 dead ones all shafts good. Most parts are good. They are the solid shaft models I'll have to get the # when I get back. Always figured I could make one working if I had the time... I don't.
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  7. Andrew H

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    I’m going to ask anyways...
    How to you order redmax direct?
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  8. Cam15

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    2nd vote for the stihl 94r.
  9. rippinryno

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    I've runt he fs94r and its a solid trimmer, but i can't justify the $350 price tag. I can almost get to of the echo srm225's for that, and I'm wiling to bet they will last just as long as the fs94r
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  10. Chevy z71

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    Cant go wrong with redmax

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