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  1. Skinnies LLC

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    I have been using the echo srm 230 trimmers for two years and it seems as though by the end of the season I am putting them in the shop for carb work. I am using echo oil mixture and it is mix to the "T". Is anyone else having this prob? Should I just go and purchase a couple of Stilh's?
  2. chief5139

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    Question are you using 92 octane fuel to mix it with because when you put mix into gas it drops the octane down alot. and that could be why and the newer echo mix has fuel stabilizer in the mix if your using older stuff you might need to add some extra
  3. Skinnies LLC

    Skinnies LLC LawnSite Member
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    Atually I use sunoco 94 octane that is the highest octane I can get in my area. I use 94 in all my lawn equipment. It is a little costly but my ex-mark Lazer Z HP 52in has been going strong on it for 3 years with no issues. Also Stilh blower and stick edger again no issues and its been 3 yrs. Maybe I should go stilh all the way around.
  4. G-father

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    Skinnies - Give me more of an explanation of "carb work"

    Does the equipment sit around for long periods of time?

    Does it bounce around on the trailer a lot?

    Octane has nothing to do with the carb. Does the Echo oil have fuel stabilizer mixed with it? more info please.
  5. Skinnies LLC

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    G- Father,
    I can only tell you what the dealer is telling me as far as the carb last year and now this year the carb on both units has to be rebuilt, both units will not stay running. I can ask for specifics from the dealer if it will help. 2. Maybe about 3months. During the down months the tanks are ran dry. When I get the units back from the dealer I run them dry until the start of the next season. 3. Yes they did do a little bit of bouncing around for about 1month. I then installed a rack to lock them down. 4. The mixture I use is Echo Power Blend Universal 2-stroke oil. with fuel stabalizer. premium synthetic blend low smoke. It says to use 89 octane but I use 94. 2.6oz per one gallon. I hope this is detailed enough.
  6. locutus

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    The carbs on the smaller cc Echo's have diaphram problems, no matter what you do. People around here are having the same problems you are.
  7. GTLC

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    Can I use 87 octane regular gasoline on my Stihl?
  8. G-father

    G-father LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the extra info. It sounds like you take good care of your stuff. If I were you I would sell the trimers when they are working or find a new dealer to fix them properly. Since both trimmers are having the same problem I would call up echo and complain. I have an old stihl br400 blower that has A LOT of hours on it. All i do is add fuel and change the spark plug every year, no problems whatsoever. I've had very good luck with my stihl trimmer but a lot of people on this forum like the shin. trimmers. I would say stick with what works, if you like stihl, go out and buy a stihl trimmer.
  9. G-father

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    n1alx - I think most lawn care engines are designed to run on regular gas (87 octane). However I usually run mid. or prem. in my 2 cycle stuff because it keeps the cylinder head temps down with the extra octane.
  10. pjslawncare/landscap

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    I have been using all Echo trimmers and blowers for many years with no or little problems untill two years ago. Then same problem as you mentioned. They run crappy after short time needing carb rebuilt or replaced. Dealer said EPA changes the cause? whatever. Now I use all Shindowa trimmers and blowers with no problems so far (1 1/2 years).

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