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    Might be getting a new one. My old Echo SRM2400 trimmer has been having a few problems. I had to get a new choke lever last week and 2 days ago the trottle started sticking and I am having to get a new throttle assembly ordered. This is about $55 of stuff plus I just bought a new head for it so about $75 total just in the first month of this summer.

    What are the best brands out there for the price right now. I used to hear about Stihl and Echo (which I own), but more recently I have been hearing a lot about Shindawa (supposidly really, really good), Redmax, Maruyama, etc.

    Since my trimmer was in the shop, I borrowed my friends Husqvarna trimmer. Its much better than my Echo, not even close. Its very light (all of theirs are aparently, I looked online and they are all 9.0 or 9.9 lbs) and fairly powerful. Its noticable lighter than my Echo and I haven't gotten tired from using it yet. It has similar power, but maybe not quite the torque. It seems like it cut through grass easier, especially when edgine.

    Anyway, Shindawa is interesting as well because of their loaner program. I don't know of any other trimmer company that offers that.

    And in all honesty, I have been doing some research and I haven't found a more powerful trimmer for the weight than the Husqvarna models.

    Any ideas?

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    Trottman - I'm going to watch this thread close. We're out shopping for gear that is powerful but light for me. I'm kinda small (5') tall so hauling around heavy equipment throws me off balance sometimes.

    I was looking at the Husqvarna trimmer too. Pretty light - toted it and a 30 lb. 2 year old Home Depot for 1/2 hour to see if it was light enough. Had pretty good balance too.

    We'll probably get a straight shaft since we already have a curved one.

    I'll be out looking at them & demoing them tomorrow - so I'll let you know.
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    Curved shaft?? Owie!

    Shindiawa is ALL that I run. All that I will run. Day in, day out, dependability. Liberty, (nice name by the way) you may like the Shin 231 ( or 230 if you can find one), light, balanced, powerful. The 260 (261) is better for more growth, heavier weeds, etc. The 270 ( my baby) will cut anything, including a coke bottle right in half. One of my T270's is gong on 5 years old, starts on FIRST pull everytime.
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    Liberty, who's that under your name, Jessica Lynch?
  5. dishboy

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    Ditto the T-270, it's the machine of choice, but it is NOT light. My shindiawa dealer says guys coming off the Echo's are really liking the Kawasaki's, light and powerful, but the drive is cable, not a steel shaft which I prefer.
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    We were running Stihl's but we were having a lot of problems - so this year we replaced everything with Shindaiwa's and we're 100% satisfied with their products. You won't be dissatisfied if you go with them.
  7. sthil 4 mix trimmers great power ....liberty you mentioned husqvarna they are good to lighter then the sthil 4 mix.]well balanced 326 lx i believe is the model we have.......kawasaki is another lighter weighted trimmer you might want to look at self im a brute so when i get a trimmer how light it is aint important...only the power it puts out is.

    I own shindawa echo husqvarna and the sthil 4 mix 110 is tops cant be beat for power .
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    We were running only redmax trimmers, but earlier this week we got two of the stihl 4 mix trimmers, and so far its amazing. Ive used echo before, not too bad in my opinion, never used a shin. The stihl has very high torque and starts up so easily. Not too heavy in my opinion either. Husky trimmers are very light.

  9. mkwl

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    I just bought a Red Max BCZ2600S trimmer, and it is a really great machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got it at my local dealer for $300. It has a lot of power and torque!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get a Red Max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Have Shin and Kawasaki, Love the Kawasaki, never more than 2 pulls, plenty of power....

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