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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by curry, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. curry

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    Ive done all the searches and read and decided on the Trimmertrap T2 that hods 3 trimmers. The only place I have found to buy online is Northern Tool. They want $240 w/ shipping. I reread the posts to find somewhere else to purchase to see if I could get it cheaper and yall talked about ordering direct from the company since I dont have a dealer close. I emailed them but havent gotten a reply. Does anyone know where I can order the T2 online at a cheaper total price than $240. I will pay that if I have to because everyone seems to really like them but Im just tryin to get the cheapest deal. Thanks
  2. Jason Rose

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    Call TrimmerTrap at 1-800-279-8727. the TT-2 is $179.95 direct from them IF there is no dealer within about a 30 min. drive from you. The guy I spoke with was super nice and helpful on the phone, sent me a catalog and price list that day. I've been checking out other racks, and own a Lesco 3 trimmer rack(which is going to go with my old trailer when I sell it), the TrimmerTrap is the best I've found!
  3. curry

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    I called them a few minutes ago but they are closed on Saturday. I will call Monday. I have no dealer for about 75 miles.
  4. curry

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    I just received an email from them w/ a number to call. Called and mine is on the way. Total price w/ shipping $195. Those folks are good to deal with. Check them out
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