trimming 1 mile of fence

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mulchmaster, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. grandview (2006)

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    Go rent a dr from HD and have one guy with it first and the other guy follow with a trimmer. Also what works is a trimmer with the hedge trimmer attachment .
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    Not going to pass this one. I agree its not all that much work but the president of the company said it took the last company with 2 guys and trimmers 4 full days to trim the 1 mile of fence. Not a new guy either been in this business 16 years the last 11 on my own. All but 1 property we maintain get cut on a weekly basis so I guess I had a question on cutting stuff every 10 weeks. There is a difference in trimming 5k feet of fence line and brush cutting 5k feet x3' wide 3x a year.
  3. mulchmaster

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    We already have a WB brush cutter, but there's noway its gonna work on this job. Gotta be done using trimmers with brush cutters.

    Wish we could use chemicals but no way.
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    What is so tough about this particular job? I mean, why can't you use a mower, even a smaller pusher like I do? Got any pics to show us?

    I would be looking into a Stihl trimmer and the grass scythe attachment they make for them. That ought to make the cutting of the area away from the fence a lot fatser and easier. Check it out below-
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    there is no way it took 2 guys with trimmers 4 full days to trim a mile worth of fence.. LOL you do realise thats 64 hours dont you? I could drop a miles worth of trees and saplings in less time

    I dont care how uneven it is I would have one guy side discharge with the 32 and one dude trim.. if the $hit is that thick to worrie about it, I would just cut it more often.. bump up the 3 times a year to every month or every other month and eat the couple hours labor..

    Myself, I can trim a mile worth of any fence 3 foot wide in less then an hour if I do it every 4 weeks

    Ohio has an 8 month season so thats about 8 hours a year to take care of that fence. @ 10$ an hour for a laborer it will coust you an extra 80$ a year.. look at it that way
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  6. ed2hess

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    Messages: 14,574 long does it take YOU to walk a mile:dizzy:
  7. mulchmaster

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    You got it! I actually laughed when he told me it took them that long. I have 3 places that we cut weekly that have almost a mile to trim and it we are out in less than 3 hrs including mowing. Just have never delt with anyone that only wants cut 3x a year. I knew it wouldnt take 64 hrs ;)
    but figured more than an hour or 2.
  8. orangemower

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    Do you have a pic of the degree of difficulty to do the job? I don't understand why you can't use a brush cutter or mower and trim the posts? Why is it that you can't use a brush cutter?
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    I've got about a 1/3 to 1/2 mile fence row that I do about once a month. I have to clear/mow roughly 1 foot on the inside of the fence and from the fence to the road (about 10 ft). I mow part with a ZTR, the inside of the fence with a push mower (junky Yard Machine 4 hp mower), part of the slopes I can't get with the ZTR with the push mower, and there's part of the land that is so steep you have to do it with a string trimmer. I'm over 60, and in 100 degree heat, it takes me 4 hrs. With a second guy it takes 2 hrs. I've done it both ways!

    Part of a 15 acre parcel just inside this fence, I also trim around all the trees, then around a 1-2 acre lake (at least 3 ft that can't be mowed with a bush hog because of the trees, brush and rough terrain) and the dam at the end of the lake and it takes about 3 to 4 hrs for one guy. Do this twice a year.

    There are a lot of variables that can't be identified/quantified from just your description of 1 mile of fence and 3 ft out from the fence, but from what I have performed on my fence row, etc., I would say you're looking at 4 to 5 hrs for one guy. If you're talking really thick, tall grass then I would probably make my first pass with a blade, followed with a touch up with the string. Might use a walk behind trimmer depending on how rough the land is. If it's too rough, I find a regular push mower and trimmer can work about as well as anything. Like I said, without actually seeing it, it's a little tough to know for sure!
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    Realize that if you are only cutting it 3x a year there will be thick brush and small trees that grow making it many times more difficult than just grass. Consider some type of chemical control in between cuttings. Don't try to do this if you are not licensed/qualified, sub it out. Things usually take more time than you initally think.

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