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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Live4Mowin', Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Live4Mowin'

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    I have a few customers that have cable boxes with wires going into the ground. Im afraid Ill break a wire if I trim too close and I dont want to not trim around it because it looks horrible. One time I used scissors to trim around some. How do you guys trim around wires?
  2. GLAN

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    be real carefull and or use hand clippers
  3. tiedeman

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    we get as close as we can...there is always some tall grass there. We even just pull out the grass by hand sometimes
  4. lawnman_scott

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    You wont break cable wires, if your talking about coaxial cable for cable tv
  5. tiedeman

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    I am talking about all wires. I have learned my lesson from ripping out the phone wires with the trimmer. Not fun at all
  6. lawnman_scott

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    Those you can cut clean through. I just avoid the area or pull them, or roundup
  7. tiedeman

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    ya, but I know what you mean by the cable wires. I have hit a lot of satelite wires before and nothing happens to them..not even a mark
  8. Tbarchaser

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    You wont hurt rg6 or 59....just don't wrap will break the copper stinger inside. Also you can cut them! they should be 18" below ground! BY NEC CODE! I have a phone cable on one prop...the orange temp cable. I have cut it 3 times...and it still wont go away...Mr bell comes out and puts bugs on it. 4 months and its still not buried.
  9. Nope. Wrong on both counts.

    Drop wires are simply placed below the sod. In accordance with NEC.

    If you accidentally cut a temp drop, the phone company may fix it for free. Because you have a right to mow the lawn. The second time you should have known it was there. That you've cut it three times without being billed is rare. Better check with the homeowner to see if they have a bill for you.

    Intentionally cutting someone's phone line also liabels you to criminal prosecution. CATV etc. have similar protection.

    I used to work for the phone company. A man called in about a cable that had been improperly installed in front of his property. I told him we'd get to it when we could. (you could look into the slit and see the cable) He said "I'll just cut it and that'll get the crews out here!" So I looked it up for him. It was a fiber optic cable connecting two cities. Told him it bills at $1000/minute for down time. By the time the crews got it fixed, we'd own your house. But it wouldn't matter to you. Because you'd be living in prison. When the crews got there he was guarding the cable.:D

    Sure I've accidentally cut wires. Once I cut a 15 pair cable with hedge clippers and put an entire factory out of service. I was lucky they didn't bill me for that one!

  10. Runner

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    For phone wires and such going up the foundation of a house, I just get close to them and pull the rest out by hand, too. Sometimes, I'll slow the trimmer down a bit and rub into them, but a shot of Roundup right around the wire IS the worksaving key, and isn't even noticable from the distance - especially looking across the yard.;)
    These other stories reminded me of one time some years ago, at my Mom & Dad's house. They were putting in water and sewer for the house across the street, and had to hook up from over on our side of the road. Well, there is a big Willow tree in the front yard where they were digging, and there were several good sized roots to go through. Well, as this guy was hacking through these roots, before we knew it, he had hold of a big one, and I mean to tell you, that he had that backhoe justa jumpin' and bouncin' offf the ground. Well, just then, he broke through it, and a l l t h e s e t i n y w i r e s come up out of the ground, and it looked like angel hair pasta with Walt Disney colors! Needless to say, "operations" were shut down, and it took the phone company two whole days to get this stuff back together. Not a bill I would want to handle.

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