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Trimming/ Cutting back Forsythia shrubs

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Any suggestions on best way to trim and or cut back hard (low to the ground)
mature Forsythia shrubs? I have a customer who has several forsythia shrubs along a fence line and wants them cut down to a foot high. How should I go about this job without beating the heck out of my hedg:dizzy:e trimmers and also not taking too long to do the job?

Thanks for any advice
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If you want any flowers this year, wait a few weeks until after they flower. Forsythia blooms have already set for the season. Best to prune these with loppers. Take the old canes right to the ground and rejuvenate the rest. What you customer is suggesting, is not the proper way to prune Forsythia, but if that's what they demand, loppers will be quickest and easiest, especially if you have a helper removing and bundling what your cutting.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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