Trimming Fat and Cutting Debt

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by srl28, Jan 13, 2011.

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    I have a capital one card, home depot credit card, two bank of america cards, and an open american express card. I only opened the depot card to get 10% off of a larger piece of equipment I purchased which saved over a hundred bucks and now I keep that around b/c sometimes they send me coupons that will help only if I place on my car though. I love my capital one card. I place most, if not all, my expenses that I can on this. If I recall its 1 point for every 100 bucks spent. I have over 90k points...close to a grand I could cash in or whatever. I'm going to use these to fly the family this year to our vacation spot...just for paying my bill every month. My open card I get cash back between 1% and 5% depending on what I use the card for. In the feb statement I receive a coupon for my cash back...I walk into COSTCO and cash it in just like a check. I received over 800 in cash last season...again just for paying the card. I really don't use my bank america cards much if at all, they are just backups if the balances on the others are too high.

    with this have to be financially responsible and not place charges on there that you can't pay for. The financing and late fees are what will kill you and not make them worth it.
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    I bought a new truck in '05, very little money down. And it was on a 6 year note. Rounded up my payments from $520 to $600 each time, and made additional payments. Paid off over 1.5 years early. We also round up our mortgage payment each month.

    Also look at reducing your "nut" or overhead. Shop around your business insurance and/or workers comp insurance if possible. Look at different cell phone plans. Can you eliminate a land line? I dropped my home line because of cell phones and two office lines (one is still in the home, other at the shop in town).

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