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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Expert Lawns, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. Expert Lawns

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    i do a bit of light landscaping on the side. this will only be my 2nd time trimming hedges. how do you go about pricing? i know i gave a price the first time that was way too low. i just need an honest method of pricing...for my sake and my customers sake. i know i need to include labor, cleanup, hauling, dumping etc. i figure my time (as a solo op) is $30/hr. any advice is appreciated. thanks
  2. Shuter

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    You have answered your own question with your post. You have to know how much your time and equipment is worth and how much profit you want to make. If you are friendly with another company, run your prices by him to see if they are in line with the market in your area. You don't want to low ball everyone, but you also do not want to price yourself out either. Hope this helps.
  3. Gravely_Man

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    You have all the necessary info to answer this question except what the market will bear. The only way to know this is experience. What each of us charges is what we need to make a profit. You are the only one that can answer this question.

  4. CO.d 502nd

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    60$ a man hour and a charge for the debree, bushtrimming is hard work .
  5. wacamaster

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    Dunno if your gonna get anyone to pay $60/man hr. considering the tools required are very minimal. I think $30/man hr. is a good number.
  6. From $2 to $10 depending on their size.
    If they're grown together, I look underneath and count the trunks.
    That's based on two clippings per year for yews.
    If they've skipped a trimming I charge more.

  7. Darryl G

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    I've done enough hedges to just look at the job and figure how long it will take and multiply by my hourly rate of $45, then multiply by a fudge factor.

    I don't know about it requiring minimal equipment... I easily have over $1000 in hedge equipment.

    It is hard work for sure, it can be especially hard on the shoulders.

    If you haven't used hedge shears much (or even if you have), be careful. A good pair will easily take off your fingers and slice into thighs and arms very well too. You might want to consider wearing chaps and/or arm/hand protection.

    For overgrown hedges, you can get a LOT of material and cleanup often takes longer than doing the cutting, so price accordingly.

    The best purchase I make was an articulated extended hedge trimmer. Great for overgrown ewes and privets which are common around here. Skip the step ladder, it's dangerous!
  8. Shuter

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    I have about $500.00 of minamal equipment. I would say that $30.00 is very low. You can get what ever your market will bear.
  9. MDMowing

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    We charge an estimated $15 per trunk. If it's a single bush I figure how much time it would take. Say for 1 hour of work it's a minimum $15.00 If the customer wants me to hall it away, then we charge another $5-10 + deppending on the amount of clippings. In most cases I bring the clippings home, and burn them in my yard after they have had time to dry out.
  10. gogetter

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    MDMowing, $15 for an hours work?!?!?! Yikes.

    I now charge $40/hr with a one hour minimum, and dumping fees. And the clock stops when I leave the dump.

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