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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by thom, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. thom

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    I am going to reduce the height of a row of hedges by 12".there are 2 rows,each are 75' long.they are 3' wide,and are standing over 6'high,and very thick.I will be solo.
    if this were your job to bid,and you are solo,how many hours would you expect it to take,including hauling away the debris?
  2. jvanvliet

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    All day.... use a ladder & a bush blade; you can attach it to your weed wacker by removing the head & geting an adapter at your local dealer.

    I suggest you string a line; pull it tight & use a line level to make sure the top will be relatively level (you can do this in intervals); then try and cut along the top of the line without cutting it or use a "blue chalk line" and cut along the top of it.

    Don't forget to calculate the cost of the dump and transit time to and from. Good luck and have fun
  3. thom

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    lucky me,I already have all the stuff I'll need for the job.all I need now is the winning bid.

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