Trimming Royal Palms?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Florida Gardener, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Im assuming I would need to use a chain saw for this? If so, can anyone recommend me a good brand to use? Thanks in advance
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    Echo(3400) or Stihl can't remember the model #'s but it's the one with handle on top of engine. This way you can cut with one hand and they are balanced. 12" or 14" works well for me. Make sure you clean and sterilize saw after each palm.
  3. djchiodo, thank you. Can you explain how you actually go about pruning and cutting the palms please?
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    The Royal Palm is a self-cleaning tree. You dont need to trim it .
  5. hmmm....
    well, the fronds def. need to be trimmed. i meant more as far as taking the excess bark off if you will.
  6. djchiodo3

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    As some have pointed out, you usually don't trim royal palms. When the limb dies it falls off the tree. I have, however, trimmed royal palms close to pool cages before the limb falls through the screen.
  7. i think i know the problem. I dont think im referring to the right name for the palm im thinking of.....
    maybe im thinking of the queen palm?? let me get a pic.....
  8. ok, it is the queen bad guys....
  9. djchiodo3

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    Best time to trim is Aug. after seed pods have come out. A little hard to describe in writing how to best trim queen palms. Each tree can be different. Some clients want hurricane cut others want only dead material cut away. Best to go out and look at queens that have been just trimmed and take photos. We are having a disease problem here in south Florida. You have to make sure to sterilize all equipment.
  10. the customer that i have that has one on her property def needs to be trimmed. The fronds are this a sign of the disease you are talking about or could it be b/c the tree has too many fronds on it?

    also, would it be a good idea to fertilize the palm?

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