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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by evergreen_lawncare, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. evergreen_lawncare

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    Is it to late in the year now to trim shrubs? A gentleman wants me to trim the shurbs down shorter all the way around the lot. I think its an evergreen but he did not tell me. Is it too late?

  2. the undergraduate

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    Are you just trimming, or are you really cutting them back? It really depends on what type of shrub and how far north you are up there in Canada. For most shrubs if you cut them way back, it's best to do it in the late winter, before they start to bud. Just trimming can usually be done whenever. If you trim now, there may be some concern about the resulting new growth having enough time to harden up before the cold of winter. Hhmmm... I guess that's what you were asking about. Well, depends on the shrub and climate.
  3. evergreen_lawncare

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    Im going to find out what kind of shrub it is tomorrow. It raps around his whole yard. I have not seen it yet, but he explained what it looked like to me. I have to go and see it for an estimate. I think he is going to want it cut down at least half a foot to a foot because they are becoming taller then the fence which he does not want. I was worried about growth before the winter, but we have had a steady 5 degree nights and 15 degree days. Nothing in the freezing level. I am in south central ontario. Just outside of toronto. He really wants it done bad, but I dont want to end up injuring the shrub by cutting it down too late in the season.
  4. evergreen_lawncare

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    from what he has said, im 99% sure that it is a boxwood evergreen

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