Trimming Time?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by steviepowers, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. steviepowers

    steviepowers LawnSite Member
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    What are some guidelines for estimating trimming time? I am good on judging my cuting time, but not sure how to judge trim time for an accurate estimate.
  2. firefightergw

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    Keep a journal of all your jobs. Put in how long each component takes you. If you are talking about edging, that is easy to figure. Just measure the linear foot of all areas needing edged and then document how long it takes you. Divide the linear foot by time and it will tell you how many ft. you do a minute. You can be consise and measure each place during the estimate but before long you will be able to eye-ball how many ft are envolved and just divide by how many ft you can do in a minute and there you go.
  3. steviepowers

    steviepowers LawnSite Member
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    Yeah, I can figure that much out. But, I am just starting out and need some guidelines to estimate yards. What is your avg time per foot?
  4. out4now

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    His time may not be the same as yours depending on skill. You have to know your numbers. Practice at home if you have to and use the formula he gave.
  5. steviepowers

    steviepowers LawnSite Member
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    Again thanks for the input, but could you please just let me know about an average time per, say, 100 ft... or whatever time/ distance you would prefer to list. Anyone... that is all I am asking for. Just a little insight into your world of trimming. I know that I will not be eaxactly the same, but this will give me an idea of something. Just a simple question. Thanks a million to anyone who can answer the million dollar question.
  6. JLL25

    JLL25 LawnSite Member
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    well I guess I'll try. First of all it really matters if you have to trim all the beds, trees and other obsticles or if growth is sparse around some of these things. But as for me, in the spring time a typical property of between a quarter and a half of an acre with a few trees and maybe a kids swing set and a fenced in yard might take three minutes, less than half that time when its summer and dry. The key is counting your obsticles but unless you are bidding a large area requiring large trimming, I would say your splitting hairs on the cost. Bottom line is you figure how fast you can walk and you should be able to trim that fast after some practice.
  7. steviepowers

    steviepowers LawnSite Member
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    Thank you very much for an answer JL.
  8. Crabtree

    Crabtree LawnSite Member
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    Don't worry so much about trimming, the first time you do it will take longer. That goes for mowing too. After you've worked a property for a while, it all comes easier and easier. Edging or trimming shouldn't be such a concern except on a very large properties surrounded by fence, where there are areas you "mow" with a weedeater (like some ditches), lots of trees (which are better not weedeated around, try to spray around them so you don't damage bark), or long concrete driveways. Even these get easier with time. Small residential yards would take me are my helper around 5 minutes or less to edge all. That's probably about 200 linear feet of edging plus whatever weedeating it needs. I haven't measured edging since I first started. It becomes a waste of time for most properties.

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