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  1. Leisure Time Lawn Care

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    I trim every week and I edge every other week. Thai seems to work great for me.
  2. fiveoboy01

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    I'll take the look of the stick edger over the trimmer. Customer might not be able to tell the difference but I can.

    Besides, I'm a clutz, and I'd probably screw up more than anything using a trimmer. I can literally run down the sidewalk with the stick edger and it still looks good.
  3. Chop Stuff Up

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    I was actually reading in a book that the term "trimming" only applies to bushes/shrubs being trimmed. A trimmer was called a line edger and then there was the stick edger. That book was really messed up though because it also mentioned that there are 2 types of BBC, the one that shuts off the blade and keeps the engine running and the one that shuts off the blade with the engine. I paid 17 bucks for that stupid book. ;)
  4. 4curbappeal

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    If you haven't had any experience edging with a string trimmer I strongly recomend purchasing a stick edger. IMO a stick edger will give you a much cleaner look that your customers will appreciate! If you are a mow, blow and go kinda guy and are looking into saving $ on equipment, then make sure you practice on your own driveway or sidewalk first. Check ebay for stick edgers. You can usually find some pretty good deals!
  5. CA CLT

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    I have a McLane walk behind edger to establish edges when necessary. Power Trim and McLane are the two WB's that have been around forever. After establishing edges with a blade, a line trimmer can be used for edging.

    McLane Walk Behind Edger

    Since you guys are talking about edging, do any of you do beveling? When I got into the biz in 1985, the tall, straight edge on turfgrass was very in vogue. Later; in California at least, that look went away with your better outfits. A straight edge with a bevel to the hardscape; done with a line trimmer, became real popular. It adds a little work, but I think it looks better when it is done well. Landscape installers also liked the new look, and began to set grade lower than they had previously, so that the bevel could be done completely clean below the hardscape surface. Anyone else do this or notice this trend?
  6. supercuts

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    if your good with a string trimmer your can beat the grass off of a sidewalk and it really makes a good job mowing much more professional. i used to be crazy about doing a perfect job but it is so time consuming. now we make sure we do the "high traffic" areas, where ever people go alot, mailboxes, front doors, sidewalks, driveways. if you miss a few trees in corner of the back year, most never know about it and it saves a lot of time. its kinda of a half-asser comment, but i skimp until a customer says something (which is very uncommon), then we simply do a superb job for that customer.
  7. stroker51

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    String trimmer here. Some people, and I've had a few work for me, just can't edge with a trimmer though. Personally, once I get a good edge in, I can almost run with my trimmer, and leave a nice straight line. Whatever works for you though, imo, i can save a few hundred bucks and a trip back to the trailer for an edger.
  8. green-pa

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    What's the avg ammount of time it takes for a trimmer ( % wise). Like if it takes u 20m to mow and then 10m to trim, it would be 50% of your mowing time. I'm hoping to be near this rate; don't want to spend nearly as much time trimming every time I go to a persons yard, as mowing; seems silly to spend so much time on such a small bit of grass, unless it's completely necessary or the pay is that much higher.
  9. Mow2nd-2

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    yes i know that trimming or string trimming is the correct term. the term weedeating helps determine exactly what type of trimming he was talking about, due to the fact he mentioned "yards with average tree/shrub":hammerhead:
  10. daveintoledo

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    this has been beaten to death here, .... if you use a string trimmer to edge around me, you will lose your customer to me..... after a couple of years, edging with a trimmer produces a wide trench... not a clean looking edge.... and my yards stand out because im the only one around here that uses an edger, and the lawns look so much better then the competition..... they always end up calling me in to take over......

    use the right tool for the job....

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