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    well good luck to ya.

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    you dont think there are any skills needed to run a lawn care will learn as you go.... and what do you tell the customers as you learn....... well Mr Smith, i will get better in time, until then, you can keep paying me as i learn...

    all im saying is it seems you dont even have the basics..... at all.........what is edging?????

    what ever, i hope you dont join the big crowd at the end of the year who are no longer here.... about 50% of the people here on the just starting forum will be gone before august.... dont beleive me... ok....

    i really wish you nothing but the best of luck... just trying to point out that you may need some experience...

    for people with no experience, it is a very common suggestion here on lawnsite that somone learn while working for an established company for a while.....:)
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    Most of the people I've been talking to focus on the basics; grass cut, trimmed, and blown. THat's basically it. I'm studying to be a personal trainer now also. The manual is over 500 pages with thousands of words like golgi tendon organ, creatine phosphate system, and sarcolemme. Cutting grass is cake compared to learning all this stuff in dealing with the human body. Grass simple, human body complicated! THere's a reason why brain surgeons get paid much more per hour than someone mowing a lawn. It's because it takes much more precision and much more is at risk. 10-12 year old boys began cutting grass. I'm a grown man. I THINK I can add the "edging" on without much experience/
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    man,i still like to bring out the old weedwacker from sears.still like it better than my new one.aint never done know edgeing but i beat the mess out of that grass with the mower has so much lift with them blades it does most of the sidewalk for me.
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    Im about 95% sure I understand what you mean.... but could use a picture to be 100% sure. Got any?

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