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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HOMER, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. HOMER

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    If you were bidding on several establishements owned by the same company and they were scattered out over a 30 mile much would you add to the bid per mile of travel from one business to the other. If I start at home base.........da hizzy............and drive to the first one out of town it's 16 miles.........the next one going away from the first one is 16 miles again. Then it's turn around and drive back 32 miles to home base again and start off in the other direction. I already submitted the bid and I added .90 a mile (roughly) for the out of towners........I basically took a $35.00 job and made it $50.00 to cover the 16 miles.

    So..........what do ya'll do?
  2. HOMER

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    Nobody travels?

    RV there yet?
  3. SWD

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    What you did. Still doing the work, still traveling, better get paid for it.
  4. MOW ED

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    I can't say that I travel near as much Homer. I work in mostly urban/suburban areas although there are farms nearby. My route is all within a 5 mile radius and if I get specials outside that area it isn't any more than a 10 mile ride at the very most. I try not to take weekly jobs outside of the area but I like your idea of getting some buck for the travel.
  5. wojo23323

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    We do the same. Also add on fees for tolls etc....
  6. westwind

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    we add for mileage as well, .90 is pretty fair. i wish i could charge $5.00 a mile, lol! :p :p
  7. mo-fleet

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    Last year we traveled 30 min. both ways to do a 5 acre horse farm. That's 1 hour of the profit I ate and believe me It won't happen this year. Till it was said and done, the whole job with 2 guys took 2 hrs (1 hr on the road) = 3 hrs total. I feel I lost my a** on that deal.

    Figure travel time into your price. Remember, If you take a crew, the $$ clock is ticking. Don't do what I did. Unless you might have a whole days work at that site, I would charge according to your rates.
  8. MMLawn

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    shizznitt there Homey you are in the same ballpark I would have been in as I would have added $1 per mile.

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