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    I have used trisodium phosphate for roof cleanings and concrete before but I heard its not good with metal or painted wood. So I always avoided that and washed the house or gutters with a different solution.

    Is this true?
    Does it stain wood and damage metal?
    Am I wasting time using two different mixes?

    It was widely used in detergents before the phosphate entered the water supply. Since most sinks, dish washers and laundry machines are made of metal it doesnt add up.
  2. Pressure Washing Cleve

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    I believe it can de-gloss paint.
  3. Roof Cleaning Virginia

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    And it can etch both glass and aluminium. I stay away from TSP.
  4. jvanvliet

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    Tri Sodium Phosphate is an oxidizer more powerfull than sodium hypochloride or sodium permanginate... I'd avoid it on wood, and metal... specially aluminum or galvanized metals. High grade stainless hold up well.
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    What about for use on concrete & brick cleanings? Would it be too much hassle to use this chemical for this application?
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    use 4 gallons of water, 1 gallon of bleach and 1 cup of TSP. Cover plantings, avoid high pressure, don't get it on automobiles, be sure to rinse thoroughly & wash any overspray from the landscaping. It's actually very easy... I have posted pics here somewhere using the chems to clean a 225,000 sq ft roof.
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    I would stay away from the tsp. The dis-advantages outweigh the advantages.. Also, for brick SH is not good for the mortar so I would not use that for a brick house-wash. You may have to power wash a brick home and use a lighter chemical with a down streamer.
    If you have any other questions ill do the best I can to help you out and get you pointed int he right direction. You can pm me or send me a email @

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    The formula works extremely well on concrete, don't know about brick, not much of that down here.

    If the mortar disintegrates, its high sand, high water crap mortar mix. Even moderatly high pressure water will dislodge loose or low grade mortar.

    I've used the formulation on concrete tile & asphalt roofs, works extremely well. A hot water rig with a chemical pump and a cold water rinse helps.

    It'll reduce labor by more than 30%.

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