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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by gator10277, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. gator10277

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    I have read the triton mods threads and have learned about the three kits

    1. Modify the flow control baffle between the center and discharge blade.
    2. Change the blade tip speed to levels closer to 19,000 FPM allowed by the safety standard.
    3. Add a scrowl baffle in the left hand cutting chamber to address an air flow
    turbulance issue between the left and center blade.

    We have a Lazer HP 50" triton and the left and center blade sometimes sound like the are hitting each other under the deck. I have taken the belt off the spindle pulleys and lined the blades up and the clearance is more than enough. I am wander if the turbulance is actually causing the noise I hear. Will these mods help my deck and if so will they cost me any additional fees. I asked one of our dealers about the BTS kit and they said we might have to pay for it. The unit is an 06 I believe here is the serial and model number


    The unit only has 58 hrs on it.

  2. eXmark

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    According to the serial number you mention, your unit is a 2007 model. If your unit hasn't had the appropriate updates, I would highly recommend getting them, and then see if the problem still exists. Any Exmark approved updates will not cost you anything except your time to run the unit to your dealer.

  3. bigw

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    I just bought a new lazer z 60" with a triton deck 2 months ago and have not used it yet but was told by the dealer that it has had all the updates to the deck,am i going to have these problems or should it be ok? Also since i bought it with the 0% financing for 6 mos plan could i still return it and trade it in if i wanted too with out losing any money since ive never used it yet? I am really begining to worry about this triton deck since i hear nothing but bad news about it on here.
  4. lasher66

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    I have the Triton deck with the update kit and I think it cuts much better now. 2 yrs. ago it was leaving a few stragglers here and there, but now I get a much better cut with the update kit. Your mower should already have it. I wouldnt return it if I was you but thats my opinion. I went from using Bunton/Bobcat mowers to the exmark and me and my friend that works with me noticed a huge difference.

  5. Country

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    Can you tell us, after what serial number, the units came from the factory updated???
  6. billym

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    I have a 2006 Exmark Lazer hp with the 46" triton deck with 78 hours on it, Casey, can you email me or let me know how I can tell if I have the updated deck?
  7. eXmark

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    I'm working on getting that information. I'm pretty sure all 2007 and newer decks have the updates, but I'll have a definitive answer soon.


    If you purchased your unit brand new, it's 50/50 whether you have the updates. Your dealer will be able to tell you what updates you have and don't have.

  8. billym

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    Thanks, I talked with a dealer and he said there was no problems with 46" deck, it was with the 60" deck.
  9. Country

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    Talked to Fred at Exmark and he said that only the 1st model year Triton's need the update and that all the update was, was a faster pully.... No change to the baffles. I should have, but didn't ask him what the 1st model year was....

    On a side note mine cuts great and even on tall wet grass, doesn't "cake-up" the deck... I'm completely happy with it!
  10. tb8100

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    my Exmark rep told me they changed the baffling a bit too IIRC.

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