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I’m planning on starting a lawn care business on the weekends for 2020. My goal is to pickup a few small commercial accounts that I can service on Saturdays. My budget all in to get started is $4k. I’ll need a trailer, mower, possibly an edger. Already have Stihl Pro trimmer and blower.

With that said, I’ve found a nice looking Exmark 36” belt drive, trivantage deck, 15hp Kohler, floating deck. Owner says it’s 7 or 8 years old. Looks to be well taken care of.

I’ve read about all I can find on Trivantage. Some say it’s only good in dry conditions, some say it’s the worst deck ever, some say it doesn’t matter on a 36” deck anyway.

I don’t have the flexibility to skip a day if it’s wet. Can someone give me some guidance? Especially interested in hearing from someone who has owned a 36” Trivantage.

Thank You

K c m

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Hi dac. So i started with a metro 12.5hp and it runs great still. The exmarks are notorious for dew/wet conditions not being up to par. That is 100% true after running them for 13 years. The chute is to small to evenly disperse as the air flow limits the amount of clippings being discharged. so the clippings will cake to bottom of deck and won’t discharge until ya hit a bump and it falls. Big clumps.
2 ways to fix this. Do not run high lifts. You will regret it with this deck and wet.
1. Run gators
2. Run 3/4 throttle it will be slower but clippings will be a constant flow out the chute.
3. You’ll hear a high pitch wine when it’s time to clear deck.(that’s because the clippings are in place just hovering above blades and not discharging) when you hear this throttle down bounce the deck on ground and that will clear the problem. (Advice find a tree or bush and bounce it under that so you’re not picking up wet grass after clearing it in middle of yard.

Good luck sir.

Ps. Since it’s late in season and most people have their guys already i would make up eddm flyers and push the leaf removal and set yourself up for a nice continuing business relationship with those you leafed.


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heres what i do i run exmark extremme blade they are exmarks gators. Then i use spray oil or no stick on my deck this helps. I havent seen a deck that dosent clog up also flip the chute up helps clipping leave faster