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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Fubba, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Fubba

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    Those of you with the trivantage decks - what is your set-up for bahia. Do you just double cut, or do you have something in particular that you do? I'm so tired of stringers. My deck is set-up how the manual says with the blocks of wood. Just did it yesterday as it was kind of out of whack. Just want to see if I can do anything to stop all this nonsense.
  2. 2nd Chance

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    I have owned 3 exmarks with the tri-vantage deck and I always had to double cut bahai .If you will notice the end of the blade comes right up to the deck , this doesn't allow those seed heads time to stand back up . This is why I switched to Toro because the new Toro has an adjustable front baffle . I had an Exmark blow a Kohler motor after 20 hours and the dealer gave me a Toro loaner , the stamped out deck variety , that mower cut Bahai better than anything I ever seen one pass -no stingers AHHHHHHH!

    So when I sa that Toro was making a better deck <fabricated > with an adjustable front baffle it was an easy decision for me goodbye exmark -hello Toro. But Exmark has such awesome discharge i do miss that , but since I cut a lot of bhai ,it's a trade off for me .Wish we could have the best of both worlds .........
  3. gilatplc

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    The new triton has the same adjusting baffle (type) system the toro has, but I will admit the the toro's designed of how to adjust it is WAY better(cam lock vs 2 13 metric nuts) then the exmark's And if you are going to be mulching just forget the the baffle's are even a factor the dealer removed mine off my exmark triton and gave it to me and stated "you won't be needing this"

    P,S, That turbo force deck rank's right up there with the XR-7 and the Triton IMO best for $$$$$$$$$
  4. gilatplc

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    also In Bahia I just go a little slower depending on the height of the grass and the amount of thous damn seed!! If its a lawn I keep weekly and the rain isn't to bad I can usually use the triton at about 1/2 stick and not double cut.

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