Trouble again with my 27hp Lazer.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tomslawncare1, Jun 8, 2001.

  1. Tomslawncare1

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    Here we go again. More trouble with my 27hp Lazer. :angry: I've had the voltage regulator replaced on the machine once already. The machine would be shut off between jobs and when I got to the next job it wouldn't turn over. Dead battery. This went on for 2 weeks until the dealer was able to get a new regulator. Three weeks have gone by now with the regulator and don't you know, the battery died on me twice this past week. So again I am going to have to keep dropping off the mower to the dealer during the day (due to my non lawn full time job) and pick it up on my way home from my day job and mow. Anyone else haveing this kind of trouble and if so what was your cure?
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    Why don`t you put this on the Exmark forum, mabey they can help you.
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    Hey Tom,

    How many hours do you have? Just so I can look for trouble on mine. Also what is your serial #? Maybe you have a lemon! Sorry to hear your troubles, it is a very bad feeling when new stuff breaks.
  4. Tomslawncare1

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    Mow, I just put a lengthy post on the Exmark page. I hope to get a favorable response.
  5. Tomslawncare1

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    dixie1, I had 5 hours on the machine when it started going dead. I now have 86 hours on it and here we go again. I would say I have about 10 extra, non productive hours, on the machine due to needing to let run between jobs.
    What does the serial number have to due with it maybe being a lemon?
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    i read this article then ran right out and gave my 52in snapper a hug :p

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