Trouble w/ RedMax EBZ8050

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by avc8130, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. piston slapper

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    Messages: 4,337 about 10 Redmax blowers...a few of them like to flood if you fill the gas tank to the cap ..and ride them around in the truck..
    My question much pressure should the inlet needle hold.?
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  2. BigFish

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    Here's the Walbro info:
    click on diaphragm carbs. Scroll down and you'll find it says pop off and re-seat pressures aren't that important, as long as it pops off and re-seats.

    The Redmax manual gives a pop=off of 1.3~2.3 kg/cm2. PM me your email and I'll send ya a copy of the redmax blower shop manual. Ive never really checked it since Ive worked here.
    The Stihl carb service manual says to pump it up to 11.6 psi and it should hold. When I worked at a Stihl dlr. I pretty much checked every carb that came in front of me. I can send ya a copy of it also.

    To be honest with you, we have a bunch of crews using redmax blowers and I've not run into ONE case of flooding/ running rich! They keep em in hot trailers, and beat the chit out of em , but no flooding/rich.
    What we see a lot of, is cooked pistons, stuck rings and the occasional caved in/cracked piston dome on the EBZ series. Which is what led to my answer for the OP.
    Thats whats wrong with the units in the pics ( plus about 20 more), theyre all waitin on parts
  3. avc8130

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    I don't think with my compression number and the view through the exhaust port that I have anything wrong with the piston/rings on mine.

    I ordered up a Walbro carb rebuild kit. It should be in Tuesday. Hopefully that helps. For $10 I figured it was worth a shot.


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