Trouble with a Honda mower

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by All mow'n'no go, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. All mow'n'no go

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    G'day people, and greetings from Oz!

    I just found this forum and was blown away by the number of people here, wow! Sure seems like a good ol' place, but I guess you all know that :)

    I was hoping for some guidance with my new (old) mower- I can't seem to find good servicing info from Honda, other than by ordering a CD (which I can't really wait around for) so will be spending the rest of the week working the thing out on my own - if I can't find anything elsewhere.

    The rear wheels have started making clicking noises so I think the drive mechanism is shot. I know the clutch mechanism will need servicing (its been inoperative since I got it- the previous owner 'disabled' it somehow as it wore out) and I've been pushing this mower since I got it. I'll be doing a full tear down and replacing everything that wears. I want the drive to work again and want to try to do it all in one hit as my next job is 7 days away.

    Plus I need to know what parts I should replace. Would like to do everything in one hit and so far I have;
    • blades, plug, filters (that much I have done before)
    • drive belt
    • clutch pack (or whatever that is)
    • transmission? (I am yet to take it apart)
    Looks like it may be costly to get all this stuff, so I want to find a decent supplier.

    The mower is a Honda Harmony 215 SX (Self propelled model with plastic deck)- I figure a few of you guys still use these too? (Have attached some pics of my baby below btw).

    Does anyone have an idea of where to get the service information or parts online? The owner's manual doesn't go this deep and my local mower shop is a long way off (I'm in the country).

    Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.



  2. Restrorob

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  3. Restrorob

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  4. All mow'n'no go

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    Hey RestroRob,

    Looks like I came to the right place.... thank you muchly!!

    Also looks like mine is an older one ('92-94) but sounds also like I should start with the clutch and the wheels as you say they click when the drive is not engaged. I'm guessing that would be the little wheel ratchets I've seen before- but that this might be normal operation. I'll pull the wheels now and see how bad they are and try to get a feel for how well the transmission works- or doesn't.

    That info has (what looks like) **all the items** I need. Fantabulous link. Would you reccommend Plano for buying these kind of parts? It doesn't look cheap (but I haven't bought Honda parts before- except on eBay).

    The more basic Aussie mowers I'm used to are very cheap in this respect, but they aren't like this thing, it works really well except for the drive mechanism.

    Thanks again, RR. I'll report back when I know more about that trasnmission. :) Nick
  5. Sandgropher

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    Good luck with your mower, when you finish drop in on the Party Chat line (off topics) and tell us a bit about your self, what you like to drink, music etc we need more Aussies there and you will be made most welcome :drinkup: :drinkup:

    do not expept a reply straight away as people are on a different times.

    As you can see from RR crendentials he can sort out any problems you have:) :) *aussieflag* *aussieflag*
  6. garth1967

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    yes good work buy RR there hope it helps .also try the aussie lawn and garden site maybe some of the sydney lads can help you out .i know its hard to find a good mechanic here in oz . i have learnt to do most of my own .it took me a while to find a good bloke but unfortunatly he is about 30 ks away.good luck mate:waving:
  7. Restrorob

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    Well Nick, I have never bought from them but if I ever needed some Honda parts I would give them a try. From the appearance of their web site they must be doing something right. And Honda parts are a bit higher than other brands, Guess if you want quality it cost.

    Good Luck

    Oh, And thanks Sandgropher and garth. :waving:

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