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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by FloridaMowMan, May 6, 2005.

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    Hi Everyone - I am new to this forum and love it. Seems like a great bunch of people helping each other. Anyway, I had a call from the president of a local homeowner association where I had distrubuted some flyers. I had taken the idea of one of the other owners on this forum. I used ziplock bags with a few rocks in them and put my flyer in them. Then I tossed them on the driveway for those coming in from work to find. He said it was like Coca-Co*a putting littering and trowing an empty can in his yard. He said he was probobly going to get 20 calls from other people and he wanted to address the issue before he got any call. I appologized to him for the inconvenience and assured him I was in no way trying to litter, but was trying a new way to market my business. He eventually calmed down and admitted that it was rather clever, but insisted I not do this again. Is he right in his claims? What is your opinion? :help:
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    I can see how it is justified to get angry. Leaving any unsolicited marketing material is like leaving junk mail. Most people do not want your services or your materials. That does seem to be a clever way to distribute, but I would take the hoa pres. advice and not do it any more there.
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    I see driveways with several of the baggies on them everyday. Not very effective for the most part as far as I can see. The guys I see with the most (residental) accounts, have really snazzy flyers. Glossy, double sided. Similar to the ones walkertalker had designed awhile back without the yellow bordering. As for the Ziplocs, the old people just leave them there and sometimes when I'm out walking they ask if I will reach down and get their newspaper for them and occasionally a few have asked me to throw the Ziplocs away. One guy jokingly said I can bend down and get it, but then I won't be able to stand up again.
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    Now that you've met the president of the HOA, maybe he can let you advertise in their newsletter. If you pay for the newsletter to be printed, it will probably cost the same as printing the flyers, bagging them up and throwing them in the driveways.

    I'd try to work that angle.

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