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Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by Runner, Jun 23, 2002.

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    I have a friend (fellow lco) that I told about lawnsite, and he said he can get on and browse, but when he tries to register, it tells him that there is already someone registered with that Email address. He thinks he MAY have messed up the first time he tried registering, and now can't do it completely. Will he be able to post on THIS support forum without being officially registered, or is this something that we should work out where I can get on here with a moderator at some certain time, and work with HIM over the phone. This is what we (him and I) discussed today. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. 1MajorTom

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    Hi Runner,

    My apologies.
    I read this thread a few days ago and wanted to respond, but things have been very hectic here. Very little time here.

    Let's see if I can help a little bit.

    No, I don't think he will even be able to post here on this forum.
    He must be a member first.

    Now if he did register, do you think he can remember his screen name?
    If not how about if he has a second e-mail address? Say like a free one from yahoo or hotmail, etc.
    Then he could just use that e-mail address to register. If he doesn't have a free address, it doesn't take long to sign up for one.

    Because if he did partially register here, I don't see how I could find out what screen name he chose.

    Get back with us, and let us know if any of this helped.

    We would like to have him as a member here. :)
  3. Runner

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    Thanks, Jodi. I see he's registered now, and posted saying that he's registered. I'm glad he managed, somehow!;) I can sure understand what you mean about being busy, well, with all the scalped lawns, and all.:p (I just had to sneak that one in there) Anyway, thanks again for the help, and lunch is all done, so I guess it's back to work! Take care!:)
  4. dr grass

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    scalped lawns!?!? lol. i know which one your talking about. thats the day we started cutting 1/2 inch higher, and now we're in good shape. hey, i was wondering how to edit my profile. are you familiar with that one runner? just wanted to make some changes .

  5. cowman66

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    i know how to edit it. click on the word profile below the banner ad. search is also in that row. once youve clicked there, u get to your vb home page. click on edit profile on the row of choices. edit options, edit password, and others are also there. hope this helps:D
  6. dr grass

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    Cowman - thanks for the help, but i got confused when you said go to my vb homepage. how do you do that? i seen where it says homepage on the column on the left in my profile. but i think thats for a link if you have one. im confused :dizzy:


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