Trouble with Tecumseh Engine

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by angusman, Dec 27, 2005.

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    I have a log splitter with a 6hp Tecumseh engine on it and lately it has started a problem. It will start the first pull but after about 10-20 seconds it gradually looses power and shuts off. After restarting it about three more times it runs fine but seems to take a while to run good. The other day it shut down and will not start at all now. Is this a carburator or engine problem. I can replace the carb for about $60 and replacement B&S engine will run about $175. Please help!!!!! All my local small engine repair shops are closed until February and I need to split up a huge tree that fell on a clients yard.


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    Assuming a few things here:
    1) spark plug is OK and has a good spark.
    2) There is adequate compression when starting, if you do not have a tester, during the compression stroke, is there still a good amount of resistance on the pull cord?
    3) governor is functioning properly as is the choke.

    Ok, now, more info on the engine would be nice, a serial number or model number.
    If so equipped, check primer bulb, make sure it is not torn or has a hole in it.
    If all of the above is ok, take off the carb, dissassemble, clean bowl make sure float is freely moving if equipped. Not sure what type carb you have here but if there is no bowl then it will need replacing, if you clean it and the unit still wont run, replace the carb.
    Sorry for the long post but just trying to cover the basics here. Best of luck

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