Trouble with Weed wacker.....wont stay running

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Husky05, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Husky05

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    Ok, well I have a Husqvarna 123LD String trimmer. I bought this trimmer last season mainly for the purpose of using it for different attachment such as the hedge trimmers. Anyway about 2 weeks ago I noticed that when it was running it would lose alot of its power, that lasted for about 2 days then it would run for about 5 mins and just shut off completely. Then it would be almost impossible to start again. So I started taking it apart first thing I did was to look at the cylinder but it was not scorched. I then changed the fuel filter and tried a different gas cap, it would still run but stop. So I started reading the owners manuel. It was talking about the emission and converter in the exhaust so I took the muffler off and heated it with a torch. All kinds of soot and debris burned out, I thought for sure that that was the problem that trimmer wasnt getting enough back pressure and the exhaust was shutting it down. I put it back on all clean still does the same thing. So yesterday I put on a new spark plug and had it running for the longest it has been on for a while it idled for a good while as I started playing the carb. I thought I had it to a point where I thought I could use it at work. Tried it yesterday to weed wack a hillside, would run, but not with alot of power, then I noticed it would only work if I was working up the hill and the gas tank was down. If it was any other way it would just quit. This leads me to believe that there is a fuel problem, almost like the machine is running out of gas? Does anyone have any advice that could help me out?

  2. lawnspecialties

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    Check your fuel priming bulb for a crack or leak.
  3. befnme

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    replace the filter in the tank !!!
  4. Husky05

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    I did replace the fuel filter in the tank, however the bulb now that you say that is very loose like it doesnt have much give when you push it in, the primer that is. Maybe that is what is wrong???
  5. lawnspecialties

    lawnspecialties LawnSite Silver Member
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    Just wondering how it turned out?:confused:
  6. J&R Landscaping

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    Is the primer bulb cracked or split at all? When you removed the muffler, did you remove and clean the screen?
  7. Husky05

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    Sorry for taking ever to respond to this post again. My life is very hectic. Anyway the trimmer is still not running right it has hardly any power. The primer bulb like I said is not very firm when you push it in, which leads me to believe that its not right. There are now visible or obvious cracks or leaks in it, it just doesnt seem to be working right.

    Also the screen on this particular model is a round disc you can not take it out of the muffler unless you pry the muffler apart and if I did that I would need a new one. I did however torch the muffler, twice and it burned alot of carbon out but still not working right. This really ticks me off because this particular trimmer changes attachments and I have a hedge trimmer attachment too it that I wish I could use again.
  8. ChadsLawn

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    change the bulb. Its letting air into fuel line.
  9. rluscomb

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    Remove the muffler and clean all the crud from the exaust port and screen on the muffle
  10. blueturtle241

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    hey i am wondering if you fixed the problem with the weedwacker, if so how....i am having the exact same issues you described. your help is much appreciated.

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