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Hi folks,

I have a relatively new lawn that's developed a problem resulting in the die-off of maybe 40-60% of the grass in the affected areas. See pics.

This is a sod lawn that went down in July on eastern Long Island. The sod is a mix of KBG, TTTF, and PR on top of 8" of top soil, all professionally installed.
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This lawn had been doing great until mid-October, when these problems developed, well prior to the first frost of the season.

It looks like it might be black spot or something similar that's maybe hitting the PR first? The neighbors' lawns are dark green and looking healthy. . .

Can you folks let me know your thoughts? What's the right treatment considering it's almost December?

Thank you!

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Are you sure it's not just going dormant? Cutting off water drastically would cause dormancy...

Most lawns in my neighborhood are irrigated, but at often quite different levels. Those that under-irrigate OR cut water early Sept had browned quite a bit by Oct.
I'd leave the turf alone and see what it looks like in spring.

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SlowMow is probably right.
Also, some high-rated top-quality Kentucky bluegrass cultivars are a bit slow to green up under cold conditions in spring. Probably the same thing happens in fall. What are your soil temperatures? Air temps?
Did you get the big snowstorm?
Odd around here. We had 12 inches of snow last week. Then it melted and the grass is green again. Some leaf raking has started again.
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