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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mongo119, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. mongo119

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    Wondering if you might help me narrow down or tell me what my problem might be here. If I may also need to order a starter or something else. I tried to turn the switch and ezr 1540 would not turn over or crank, so I turned the flywhell atop the mower, under the screen..and mower now turns over and cranks and runs but there is a rubbing and scrubbing type sound when mower is running..the blades also engage . There is'nt an airens shop around and interested in finding out problem myself.
    John Pitts
    Silver Creek, Ga
    If you can enlighten me on any trouble shooting tips on this or what I may need to replace I appreciate the help-
  2. Mechanic Mark

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    Sounds like the starter drive to me. Check that first and go from there.
  3. mongo119

    mongo119 LawnSite Member
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    would that be within the starter? the teeth where it engages or what exactly is the drive? I am learning, thanks for you input.
  4. Mechanic Mark

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    The drive gear assembly sits right on the top end of the starter. there will be a plastic gear/helix assembly and a spring on top. looks similar to a bendix starter drive on a vehicle.
  5. hotrodsnapper

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    I'll agree with Mark. I am not familiar with this engine but have had similar problems with briggs engines.

    Look at the top of the starter. There is usualy a little plastic cover there that you can remove with a couple of screws. Once you have this cover off, you should be able to see the starter gear. The way this works s that when the starter turns the little gear should go up and engage the toothed flywheel, then slide back down when the starter stops. Usually a spring pushes the started gear down and out of the way when ou let off the start button. I think you will see when you look is that the starter gear is still meshed with the flywheel. Just work the gear back down (toward the starter motor) until the you can turn the flywheel without turning the starter.

    If this is causing your problem, you can buy a kit specific to your engine that replaces the spring, bendix (sp), and gear. It usually has all the instructions you need included.

    Oh yeah WELCOME TO LAWNSITE :drinkup:

    FIXDISS LawnSite Senior Member
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    Are you saying the blades engage when you start it ? Does that unit have an electric clutch or manual blade lever ? Did you possibly bend the screen and it is rubbing the shroud ?
  7. Restrorob

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    Hmmm.....Did I miss something here ? I didn't [​IMG] any mention of what brand engine is on this Ariens unit. Assuming without proper info. on a unit could be confusing to a non mechanical inclined person.

    The use of a long shank screw driver with the handle pressed against your ear and the tip touched against various places on the engine while running will give you a idea as to what area to look for the rubbing noise.

    I would check the grass screen as FIXDISS stated.
  8. mongo119

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    Thanks guys..
    Really glad that I stumbled onto this site.
    Just got in, but im checking those areas first thing tomm.
    no, the blades do not engage when I start it, I ment to imply that they engaged fine whenever I pull the knob. It is an electric clutch.
    The motor is a Kohler 15 hp CV15S

    EZR 1540
    Kohler comand 15 hsp model #cv15s
    MODEL- CV15S
    SPEC- 41531
    DISPLAY (cc)- 426

    Also, thanks for the tip using the long screwdriver.

    What might the grass screen be? If its located on top of the flywhell, I popped that circular guard off to turn the flywheel when it(the mower) would not start initionally. After moving it a little.. it has cranked since without a problem. The circular cover screen is still off and the noise appears to be comming from somewhere else. Never sounded like that before. The noise sounds like scrubing or rubbing inside somwhere. Im going to pinpoint it tomm., take off the sides where the controll sticks are located so that I can better see if it is'nt starter related.

    -one other question, I need to replace the throttle cable(it's broken). I have it set in wide open. Is there anything I should be certain to do when installing my ordered one.? Or just hook it up?

    Thanks again-
    John Pitts
  9. Bill Kapaun

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  10. mongo119

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    Thanks everyone for the insight.

    It appears I might have found my problem.
    At some time, my battery protector brace and strap broke itself loose... causing the battery to shift out of place and wedge against and atop a black looking bushing type nodule with a bolt running thru it....
    - which happens to run thru 2 belt wheels and the clutch underneath this area.
    I did'nt recogize this yesterday as it was getting darker and everything is closed up and squeezed togather under the seat area. The bolt was cankered with corrision on top of where the black bushing thing is located. I brushed all the corrision off and saw that the bolt and washer spins and looks like a bearing in there also. I touched the spot with the screwdriverr and that's where all my racket is comming from. I can actually push hard against and downward (the top area) and the vibration and racket decreases a good bit. I have never taken a clutch off before, but it appears I can handle it. Do you think that I might just need to replace that top bearing or anything else? And where could I try to get what I need. Everything still opperates fine with clutch and the blades engage fine. It just makes a hell of a racket.
    I can actually hear the scrubbing noise slow to a stop exactly as the silver bolt head slows to a complete stop. That top black spacer type bushing that the bolt runs thru-- had deterioated on a small area on its side I guess from the battery acid that oosed out. The part that Im desrcribing looks like its made of something simular to a brakepad or a hockey puck, and its about the size of a skoal can.
    Would anyone be familuar with what Im attempting to explain here and let me know what I can and should do. I work too hard for my money just to give it away and if it's anything I can replace I would like to try.
    Really sorry in my explaination and description of this stuff but I am not that familuar with the termanology but always been interested in learning.

    John Pitts

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