Troy Built 33"...good or bad?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ericds, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. ericds

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    I am considering buying a Troy Built 33" "commercial style" walk behind mower. It has a 9 hp Briggs engine.

    I am a homeowner with about 1 acre to mow. Anyone have thoughts on the Tyoy Built machine? I recognize that there are FAR better options (i.e. Exmark, Scag, etc.) but not able to spend that much money. Think I can get this machine for about $700 (it is used...only 1 season though).

    I know that many aren't fans of Briggs engines, but will it serve the regular homeowner well?

    Thanks a bunch for your input.
  2. LawnScapers of Dayton

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    You have to manually turn that would be better served to find a used rider that is a little larger....

  3. nuklhd

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    I actually owned one, it was rebranded for Sears about 4-5 years ago.
    Iit served its purpose for about 2 years, the manual turning sucked. I finally just bit the bullet and bought a 48" belt drive to mow my 3/4 acres and now I do it in about 30 minutes including trimming and blowing off drive & curb. What pissed me off the most was buying a new walk-behind knowing I should have prior to the 33" and paid again for it.

    I paid $799 new from Sears for it, the guy that bought it from me said the motor siezed up on him last summer. I had a spindle let loose and one of the blades came flying off from under-neath and almost took off my foot.

    I would suggesteither e new or used 48" minimum walk-behind or a rider whaterver fits your budget.

    Since I bought the 48" it gives me the freedom to mow about every 3 days and my lawn looks outstanding all the time with neighboors always commenting.

    Good luck,
  4. gogetter

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    1. It's just being used on one lawn, yours.

    2. An acre is a decent sized lawn.

    3. You are looking to spend in the $700 range.

    I'd get a lawn tractor. You can sit while you mow (unless of course you want the exercise).
    You can use it for other things, pulling a yard cart, aerator, lawn sweeper,etc,.
    You can possibly get a plow blade for snow, or a snow blower.
    And you could get one with a larger deck so you finish cutting quicker.
  5. Jason Rose

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    Ok, I own one, use it quite a few times a week in my lawn care business. Why people say it's hard to turn is beyond me! I run mine in 4th gear 90% of the time , it cuts good, bags good, mulches excellent. Turning the machine on grass, dirt, concrete and hill sides, wherever, is EASY. I usually can do it with one hand to make a 180 degree turn-around at the end of a cut to start the next cut. I am not a big muscle man either, actually rather puny as that goes... And I will repeat, I have no problems manuvering my widecut where I need it to go. It's easy to feather your speed with the lever and it keeps it from being a run away on down-hill stretches.

    The only real flaw is the blades, not much lift to them so if your grass is long and thin or really dry it tends to want to leave a ridge in the middle. I modified a set of blades from another 36" mower that had taller sails and they work fantastic but it takes a die grinder and lots of patience to do that.

    An acre is a pretty sizeable lawn, but if your budget is under 1,000 i'd go the way of the troybilt over a cheapo rider. Heck, walking is good for you too!
  6. procut

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    I owned one of these mowers. I honestly say that I cannot recommend it. I had trouble with both the mower and drive belts. The electric start quit working about three months after I had it. Also, one day when I had about 10 lawns lined up, one of bolts on the spindels fell out. In addition, the front casters wore out. The machine probably only had 200 total hours on it. Considering you have about an acre, I would look around for a small used riding tractor.
  7. sodgod

    sodgod LawnSite Member
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    I've got the 33" troy-bilt. I've had it for about 2 years now and it mowed 12-16 lawns a week until i got my 48". I still use it for small yards with gates but thats about it. I havn't had any trouble yet. Yes the turning does sux but you get used to it. I take good care of my equipment on a reg. bases. It starts fine. The only thing i don't like about it is the speed.( if you have a lot to do go with a bigger commericial mower) its a little slow going. I also am not real impressed with the cutting. if it is real long it skips in the center. That is beacuse of the lack of blade tip speed and over lap that the blades have. Its good it you have your lawn and a couple here and there with gates but i wouldn't recomend it for a main mower for mowing.
  8. mxkev15

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    Ive have the 9HP Troy bilt 33". I am a part-time landscaper (after work and on weekends) I have around 10 lawns I cut and use the Troy bilt 99% of the time. It works perfect for me, and always leaves a solid cut (even with long grass). The only negative feed-back I can give for this machine is the speed, its not very fast and since top speed is a slow walking pace large properties can take a bit of time. The manual steering doesnt bother me very much but after about 10 lawns or so your arms begin to get sore.... All in all i find it to be a very good machine thus far.

    Just my 10 cents but I would reccomend this mower to a home-owner or a part-time landscaper (10 lawns max), if you have any more than that look to up-grade to something a little more heavy duty...

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