Troy Built 4 stroke weedeater vs Echo 2 stroke weedeater

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by bebyb, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. bebyb

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  2. White Gardens

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    Echo, Troy Bilt is now made by MTD.

  3. Ridin' Green

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    Unless something has changed, I believe that the Troybilt is still made by Ryobi for MTD. They used to be when the first 4 stroke TB's came out. I have a Ryobi 4 stroke trimmer that is identical to the early TB's, and it went 10 hard years of trimming without anything other than oil changes, and cleaning the air filter being done to it. I also used it with the tiller attachment to roto-til my fairly large garden after the plants got to tall to do any other way.

    Still, I think you'd be happier with the lighter Echo.
  4. RTR Landscaping

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    I have no dog in this hunt as I run all RedMax trimmers. You should get the Echo.The old Troy Bilt company is gone. What you see now is made by MTD.
    Echo is a quality product,MTD not so much.
  5. bebyb

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    Thanks for the advice guys!
  6. bebyb

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    Was there any advantage to having a four stroke over a two stroke?
  7. weeze

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    neither get a honda or a husqvarna with a honda engine.

    4 strokes have more torque and use about half as much gas as 2 strokes. they are also quieter. they do weight a little more than 2 strokes but it's not a big deal.
  8. newz7151

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  9. zo6

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    What is a "weed eater" exactly??????
  10. Ridin' Green

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    Back when I bought it, I needed one quick, and I didn't have near the amount of 2 stroke stuff that I do today, so I wanted to try a 4 stroke which would mean I wouldn't have to have so much mixed fuel sitting around going stale. While it is quieter, it is heavier, and also while Stihl 4 mixer's are very torquey, the one you are looking at isn't nearly so much. Mine was designed for using normal use with .095" line but it would have been much better off running .080" instead power wise- if you run any other type of line besides round that is.

    Overall, it was a great little trimmer for part time use, but if you need one for all day type trimming, of the two you are looking at get the Echo. No valves to adjust, lighter, revs faster, less moving parts in the engine to wear and/or cause trouble, and responds faster to a load being put on it.

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