Troy Built 4 stroke weedeater vs Echo 2 stroke weedeater

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by bebyb, Jun 18, 2012.

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    Well, I use the Echo aluminum fixed line heads, which are both going on 14-16 years old, which can basically never wear out because they are thick-a** metal, and the Shindaiwa UltraFlex .130 line almost never breaks, and you can basically brush cut and fine trim with the same machine.

    Also, if you trim from right to left, you can take the Echo guards off and rarely have clippings come back to hit you.
  2. WillsLandscape

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    Fail...I meant to say that if you trim from left to right the clippings won't hit you.
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    Save yourself a headache and put them both in the trash. Then spend a few more dollars and get Stihl. They have a hybrid four stroke that uses mixed fuel. Has the torque of a four stroke yet simple to maintain. The valves will have to be adjusted occasionally. They sure work well for me.

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    Husquvarna , echo , stihl all are decent trimmers , do not get the troy bilt I personally use all stihl small equipment because there is 5 dealers within 1/2 hour drive so if one place is out , another place will have what I need , my opinion is to look to see what kind of dealers are in your area and go with a brand that had a repitable dealer , the box stores are not that good to deal with for repairs. Plus a dealer can give you a good waranty on your piece of equipment , if you are new to business tell the dealer its for your home , home owner waranty is usually double what commercial is , this is just my opinion though.
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    Yes I am a Home Owner . :laugh::laugh::laugh:

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