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Troybilt mustang 50 pto fails intermitently


LawnSite Member
The problem I'm having is that once I've been mowing for about 5 minutes the PTO will fail. But it pretty much only happens after a very specific scenario. When you put the left side in to reverse. The blades cut off and come back on when you put it back into forward. Except once the lower warms up, the blades don't come back on when you take in out of reverse. Then sometimes, if I re reach under the plastic cover and barely touch the wires, itll come back on. Then a little later itll stop coming back on when I do that. I pulled the wire off the reverse safety switch while it was stuck in off and I bridged the 2 wires with a copper wire and that didn't help. So its not the reverse safety switch. But it's too specific the way it stops and comes back on when I touch the wires. I don't think it's a bad wire in the wiring harness, the wire casings look all alright. Any ideas? I'm wondering if it's a bad solder joint where the wires go to the hour meter. That'll be my next thing to check.