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    a friend loaned me his leaf vac, and with my luck being very consistant(bad, all the time) i broke a fan blade. i called the company and it seems they r going bankrupt, they sold some of thier stock to another company, called them, no luck. so i called several repair shops from the phonebook, no luck. anyone have any idea where i can get parts for a troybilt chipper vac?
  2. Fish

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    What is the part #, I can check with my distributor.
  3. vipermanz

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    i never thought troy bilt would go bankrupt so soon:)
  4. Robert Doubrava

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    Really?!:confused: Did not know that. Go with a DR chipper. They have got some pretty good models
    10 HP Briggs&Stratton Intek single cylinder(great engine)
    12 HP Tecumseh single cylinder(no comment:D)
    18 HP Briggs&Stratton I/C twin cylinder (great engine, also)
  5. vipermanz

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    they would be better off with a kohler or kawasaki, or even honda at that;)
  6. 65hoss

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    After reading this I popped an email to them to see what was up. I have a Troybuilt Horse tiller my dad bought new in 1981. Troybuilt always had a program that you could send a tiller back to them and for 1/2 price a new one they would completely overhaul the entire unit to make it new again. With that in mind and the future need of parts for my tiller I sent an email checking everything out. He was the reply. It seems MTD bought the assets.


    No rebuild offer. We are working on gathering information and parts.
    Unfortunately, because of their financial situation, Gardenway had
    their service parts inventory to become greatly depleted. Many to
    levels. If you know the part number(s) you need, and would like to
    our availability of this part, please call 800-269-6215. The names
    Troy-Bilt and Bolens were formerly manufactured under the parent
    Gardenway. This company, Gardenway, had recently filed for bankruptcy
    is out of business. MTD Products Inc., out of Cleveland, Ohio
    (, has purchased most of the assets under the
    and Bolens names. We, MTD, are now undergoing the grueling task of
    gathering these remaining assets, contacting dealers, contacting
    and attempting to continue some or most of the business relationships
    Gardenway had. It may take weeks before this transfer and these
    relationships can be organized. Please bear with us as we work through
    process. Note: MTD did not purchase assets of, and is not responsible
    any Troy-bilt chipping, shredding, vacuuming and/or debris related

    Greg Schafer
    MTD Products Inc
  7. Robert Doubrava

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    Heck, I don't choose the motors!!:D But really, they would be quieter with a Honda or Kawasaki!:cool:
  8. vipermanz

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    you know how import's sound!! vvvvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmm;)
  9. Robert Doubrava

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    Good point, vipermanz!!!:D When you run American made engines, they don't have that vvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrrooooommmmm sound to it!!!:D :D

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